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10 of the Best Flooring Materials For 2021

Every year, different styles and trends pop up in different industries, including real estate and construction. Though design styles and trends may change, one of the things that will always be a constant in residential and commercial construction is the flooring.

Styles and trends change because of different reasons. One of the factors that set the direction for this year’s trends is comfort.

With all the time people spent indoors because of the pandemic, a lot of changes were made to households to make the season of isolation and lockdowns a lot more bearable and, to a certain extent, pleasant.

Minor renovations were done. It wasn’t unusual to find a homeowner work on his own vinyl floor installation project, landscape and garden improvement, and house repaint throughout 2020. A homeowner’s goal was to make staying at home as pleasant as possible.

Since comfort is a major consideration in construction this year, we have listed some of the most popular flooring materials of 2021.

1. Wood Floors

Wood has always been one of the constant top building materials throughout the years. It is a practical solution for flooring concerns with several options such as hardwood and bamboo. As manufacturers continue to innovate, consumers are given more options every year, from classic looks to something more personalized.

2. Tile Flooring

Tiles, just like wood, is here to stay. There are, quite literally, thousands of options when it comes to tile floorings, making it a very versatile building material. With the vast choices available in the market, consumers are not limited to style and design. Inkjet technology has even made it possible for tiles to take on a very realistic appearance of concrete and wood.

3. Textured Tiles

Textured tiles are among the different types of tiles that provide builders and homeowners a greater number of choices for their properties. These tiles help give spaces character and personality, especially those new trendy porcelain tiles that look very much like natural stone.

4. Vinyl Flooring

If you’re looking for flooring that has great waterproofing qualities, is long-lasting, and highly durable, look no further than vinyl tiles. Vinyl flooring is especially effective in rooms and areas that are more prone to moisture such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry areas, and basements.

5. Marble-Look Flooring

When it comes to exuding elegance and class, one of the top flooring options that come to mind are marble-looking flooring. A room with a neatly laid-out marble flooring gives it a splendid and exquisite appearance that can be likened to a classy hotel. And we all love hotels, don’t we?

6. Concrete-Look Flooring

One of the more practical yet trendy flooring solutions is concrete flooring. Whether not only is it less expensive than other flooring options, it also gives a modern vibe to any space. If you’re going for an industrial or minimalist style, you can’t go wrong with this option.

7. Laminate Flooring

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Just like vinyl tiles, laminate flooring gives you a lot of great options that can cater to just about any style preference. It may not be as efficient against moisture unlike vinyl but it is friendly on the budget and is quite durable, too. Plus it’s more comfortable to the feet, unlike vinyl tiles which are harder and colder.

8. Natural Flooring

While tiles are the most popular flooring options out there today, there are several other materials that are equally trendy. Case in point, natural flooring materials such as coir, sisal, and rugs. These are all eco-friendly and durable which makes them a great choice for your home.

9. Carpet and Rugs

Speaking of rugs and carpets, don’t count them out yet. Even if they’re technically home decor and not building materials; with the exception of carpet tiles; they remain to be a popular choice in residential and commercial properties. They come in different styles and designs and provide comfort and coziness in any area they are placed in.

10. Matte-Finish Flooring

Although glossy looks great, matte-finish flooring gives an area a different vibe. In comparison, matte-finish tiles aren’t slippery, are easy to clean, and are low-maintenance materials. They come in a variety of styles and designs that will suit your every need.

Compared to other home decor trends, floorings really alter that much every year. But as technology continues to upgrade and advance, we will definitely see new materials and styles that will make our homes comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Given that the new normal is not going anywhere anytime soon, it will make staying at home fun and pleasant.

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