12 Social Media Influencers Car Brands Should Hook Up With

Social media has been such a huge game-changer in the area of marketing. From using different social media platforms to advertise and market products to utilizing content marketing and linking blogs and vlogs to their social media accounts, brands are getting a lot more coverage now than they would via traditional marketing and advertising.

One of the more effective ways of marketing and promoting products is by collaborating with social media influencers. Having the right influencers can take a brand to the next level. These people can promote and review products and answer some questions on behalf of companies. Like for instance, Subaru users can get answers and leads to some of their questions like “Is this particular model better than its competitor?” or “Is there a Subaru maintenance center near me?”

Influencers serve as some sort of middle man between a brand and its target market. And getting the right influencer to partner with can boost a brand’s sales and get it a higher ROI.

Here are some of the top influencers that car brands should seriously consider doing business with given their knowledge and reach:

1. Tim Schmee

IG: @shmee150
YouTube: Schmee150
Tim Burton, a.k.a. Tim Schmee has more than 2.25 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.5 million on IG. He loves creating engaging content mostly about luxury cars, exclusive events, car rallies, road trips, and other car adventures.

2. Dan

IG: @diwd_official
YouTube: Do It With Dan
Motor vlogger and automotive influencer Dan loves creating videos about his experiences riding on motorcycles and incredible cars on his YouTube channel and IG account with 1.27 million subscribers and 322k followers, respectively.

3. David Patterson

IG: @thatdudeinblue
YouTube: ThatDudeinBlue
With over 1.14 million YouTube subscribers and 265k followers on IG, David Patterson is an automotive influencer worth partnering with. He doesn’t only give his thoughts about different automobiles but he’s also a gamer who streams his games live.

4. Matt Farah

IG: @thesmokingtire
YouTube: TheSmokingTire
Car enthusiast and filmmaker Matt Farah is a respected personality in the automotive social media circles. He has a podcast called The Smoking Tire where he sits down and talks with industry experts, Hollywood stunt drivers, engineers, and stand-up comics. He has a following of 288k on IG and 1.02 million subscribers on YouTube.

5. Seb Delanney

IG: @sebdelanney
YouTube: Seb Delanney Fr
French automotive enthusiast Seb Delanney is passionate about cars and documenting his travels and adventures on his IG (with 269k followers) and YouTube (with 233k subs) The latter was only launched late last year but has already amassed a huge following.

6. Krispy

IG: @krispy
YouTube: Krispy Media
Krispy, whose real name is Chris Petruccio, is the CEO and founder of Krispy Media. He uses his YouTube (479k subs) and IG (241k follows) accounts to show his travels around the world to cover different car shows and other similar events.

7. Rob Dahm

IG: @robdahm
YouTube: Rob Dahm
Rob Dahm is an entrepreneur who’s also somewhat of an expert in sports cars. He uses his extensive knowledge about cars and entrepreneurship to create relevant and meaningful content to upload on his YouTube channel, with 881k subscribers, and IG, with 262k followers.

8. Rob Ferretti

IG: @robferretti
YouTube: superspeedersRob
Rob Ferretti is not just your typical vlogger and influencer. He is the CEO of the million-dollar company, Gotham Dream Cars, a luxury car rental company, and has his own collection of exotic luxury cars. So he knows what he’s talking about when he talks to his 799k YouTube subscribers and 76k IG followers.

9. Kyle Lindsey

IG: @saabkyle04llc
YouTube: Saabkyle04
Kyle Lindsey creates sincere and authentic content for his 46.7k IG followers and 1.29 million YouTube subscribers. He gives in-depth tour videos of new cars and talks about dealership startups on both platforms.

10. Damen Knight

IG: @filthyrake
YouTube: Damen Knight
If you’re looking for authentic and grounded car reviews and outstanding car photos, check out Damen Knight’s IG and YouTube accounts and be added to his 28k followers and 8.42k subscribers.

11. Troy Sowers

IG: @troysowers
YouTube: Troy Sowers
This Pennsylvania-native automotive influencer is fascinated by almost anything that can be driven. From bikes to exotic cars to planes, you will see him talk about and cover a wide variety of automotive-related topics on his YouTube channel (111k subs) and IG account (48.9k follows).

12. Magnus Walker

IG: @magnuswalker
YouTube: Magnus Walker
Magnus Walker is a certified Porsche 911 junkie. He loves to talk about cars and shares his Porsche customizations to his 373k IG followers and 63.7k YouTube subscribers.

Influencer marketing is really a big thing right now. Car brands should take this time to seriously consider partnering with a renowned automotive influencer to further expand their reach and cover more territory. Having the right influencer on board as one of an automotive brand’s ambassadors can do great things for the company.

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