4 Ways to Pick the Right Design for Your Condo

Your condominium is your own canvas. It is your medium to express your aesthetic, inner thoughts, and inner self. The design of your space greatly reflects you, so you will surely pick the one that describes you. However, you should not just pick design based on your liking. You will need to choose the one that is actually right for your space. It may be difficult, but you will pull through. There are actually some ways to make it easier.

Practicality should come first. Through it, your home becomes beautiful. Simply put, practicality is brought about by the union of form and function, so you can always count on that there will be some room for your creativity and aesthetics. Nevertheless, you need to look into the configurations and characteristics of your condo before you decide on a design.

Whether you have bought a condominium in Ortigas or in Manila, here are some of the things that will help you pick the right design for your space.

Design Tip #1: Mind the size

The size of the condo will heavily determine the type of design you would have. Remember that an interior design plan suits a specific type of space.

For one, if you have a 24 square-foot condominium, you may find it hard to implement a Victorian theme. Such design makes use of opulent and ornate furniture pieces, which are usually heavy. If you want to build on the beauty of your space, you need to make sure that everything you put in will fit.

Design Tip #2: Look at your lifestyle

The design of your condo should complement your lifestyle. With that, you need to examine what you actually do in your life so that the design can easily respond to it. If you travel a lot, that means you are always on the road. As such, you may need to have a low-maintenance design. If you always work from home, your condo space should double as your office as well.

Design Tip #3: Think of your future plans

Couple new condominium planning

You will realize that as time goes by, your taste and aesthetic preferences change. Better make sure that the design pieces you have bought can still be applicable to the design plan you will have in the future. With that, you need to make your furniture and fixtures as flexible as possible. You need to see to it that nothing is too permanent or too temporary.

Design Tip #4: Ask an expert

Admit that you are not able to do anything. Interior design may not be your expertise, and if you insist on doing everything yourself, you may commit costly mistakes. At this point, it will be practical to seek a reliable interior designer that will allow you to make your space truly useful. They are the experts after all. Their experience in the field will be of great help.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind if you want to have a practical design for your condo. Keep your options open and always evolving.

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