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A Guy’s Guide to Designing a Bachelor Pad

When you hear the word “bachelor pad,” you can easily conjure images of a sleek guy drinking some fine wine as he sits on his premium leather sofa. He mulls over the wine and looks over the window. It is all about sophistication and stylishness. But in reality, that does not always happen. And that’s okay. After all, men have their own tastes and likes.

Maybe it is time to eschew the image of bachelor pads as spaces that only “power men” can afford. If you look beyond the stereotypical image, you will realize that there are many design possibilities that you can apply to your own space. Isn’t that exciting?

Whether you have your own house and lot or you have bought a condo for sale in Mactan, designing your bachelor pad should not be difficult. It is all about freedom, so let your imagination run wild. Here are some pointers to bear in mind:

Keep It Simple

If you are not so sure when it comes to designing your pad, you might want to play it safe. This means that you have to keep things simple. Stick to neutrals, such as blacks and whites. Maybe you can use white as your predominant color with black for the trimmings or accentuating components. If you want to dip your toes into something exciting, you can go for simple prints, such as Chevron and polka dots—both of which can be applied to your window treatments and blankets.

Focus on Function

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Do not just focus on the form of your condo. The function should be factored in. Remember that you are living in a small space, so you must make the most of every square centimeter of your condo. And you can save space and improve function with the help of modular furniture pieces. These are pieces that have dual purposes. A sofa can double as a bed, and a vanity can double as a study table.

Express Your Interests

You do not have to have a bar just for show—unless it is your interest. When it comes to your passions, do not be afraid to show what you like. After all, it is your home, and no one should judge you. So if you love collecting stamps, you can have a stamp-themed wallpaper design. Do you like art? You are always free to hang your abstract painting collection. You can show your tastes and aesthetics through your design items.

Play with Shapes

If you think that your condo is flat and linear in terms of design, you can spice things up by throwing some shapes into the mix. This is particularly interesting if your model is all about themes, such as asymmetry and brutalism. Some configurations may also work for designs, such as general and industrial plans.

A bachelor pad is not just about leather couches, bars, and dim lights. It is all about personal expression and an attempt to show a piece of yourself through your favorite colors and design pieces.

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