Be a Peach for Your Pooch: How to Make Your Backyard Dog-friendly

Having a dog has several benefits. It can provide companionship, which is especially important as we’re still in a pandemic. Having a dog can also help you improve your mental well-being. But having one comes with a lot of responsibilities. And one of them is ensuring that your living space is dog-friendly.

Dogs love being outdoors. They love to run around, play under the sun, and roll on the grass. If you’re planning to get a dog, having an outdoor space or a backyard where your new pet can play will be very helpful.

The backyard will become their playground. But before your dog gets home, you will want to make some adjustments in your backyard to keep it dog-friendly. Here are some examples:

Set up Fences

Dogs love to explore outdoor spaces. If your backyard doesn’t have fences, your dog may go over your territory and run around the neighborhood instead. This can put them at risk. They might lose their way, especially if they’re new to the neighborhood, so they won’t be able to come back home. Also, dognapping cases are increasing lately because of the demand for pet dogs brought by the coronavirus pandemic.

Thus, you need to put up fences around your backyard. These will help your dog identify the boundaries of its living space. The fences will guard your dog, prevent any unwanted mating with other dogs, and keep your pet safe from dognappers.

Bring in the Shade

Dogs love sunbathing, especially in the morning. And they need to do it because the sunlight helps them with metabolism. They might also run around your backyard during the afternoon to play and keep enjoying the sun. But too much exposure can lead to problems like heat exposure, dehydration, and sunburn.

To keep your backyard pet-friendly in this context, bring in some shade. For example, consider planting trees and bushes for some natural shade. But that may take some time to appear. You can also put up a canopy in the backyard.

Or if you already have a patio, consider installing insulated patio roof panels. This may be a little expensive, but this is considered home improvement that can add value to your home.

dog playing

Build a Dog House

Aside from adding some shade to your backyard, you can also set up a dog house. It’s a good spot for them to also seek shelter from the sun and even take a nap.

Place the dog house in a cool, shaded area in your backyard. If you plan to keep your dog outdoors, instead of letting them sleep indoors, you’ll want to add a pillow they can rest comfortably. The padding will especially help bring some warmth during the cold seasons.

Set up a Potty Area

You will need to train your dog to do its business in just one or two spots. This way, you won’t have a hard time cleaning up. You’ll also know which spots to avoid when you go to the backyard because they’re your dog’s “territories.” You can make things easier by setting up a potty area and training your dog to go there when they need to do a number one or two.

The potty area should be a little far away from any window in your home so that the smell doesn’t get in. Consider using planks of wood around the potty area. And fill it with grass and other materials, such as pea gravel or mulch. Also, put a marker that you and your dog can easily spot. A popular choice is a fire hydrant.

Safeguard Your Backyard

Your backyard may have certain objects that your dogs should have no contact with. Some examples are wood chips, gardening tools, or plants that are poisonous to dogs. So you’ll need a quick cleanup in your backyard.

Put all gardening tools and other materials somewhere your dog can’t enter. That may be a garden shed, the garage, or storage areas in your basement or attic. Also, do some research on what plants are considered poisonous for dogs. If you have any in your backyard, you might consider relocating these plants. You can also put a barrier around them.

For many, owning a dog is one of the most memorable moments of their life. As a pet owner, you’ll have to ensure that you’re not the only one benefiting from this companionship. You should also do what you can to make your dog comfortable living with you. And that includes making your backyard a safe space for them to be in.

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