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Best Trade Jobs for Those Who Want to Earn More

If you don’t want a job where you grind in an office, there is the option of going into the trades. Although some people have this idea that blue-collar jobs pay low, the truth is that it can be an extremely lucrative career. What’s even better is that it requires less formal education, so you don’t have to go into debt to get an education.

Getting into trade school is a great way to build your skills to find better work. These often only last a few months to a year, and they are almost always a hands-on job. That means that you get practical skills that will further help you in finding work. For those who are considering this path, you can choose some career paths that also pay quite well.


One good option if you are planning on choosing a trade skill is electrical work. In this industry, your specialized knowledge is vital because most of what you will be doing cannot be accomplished by the average person. Even though there is a rise in DIY home renovations and constructions, there are still some things that they cannot DIY, and this includes electrical work.

The main reason why this job is still in high demand is that there are specific skills needed. Handling wires is delicate work, and a poor job will be a considerable health hazard. It can easily short circuit and cause a fire within homes. Aside from that, electrical jobs require special permits that will not be granted unless the person doing the job is a trained professional.

When it comes to hourly pay, it largely depends on various factors, whether you are working residential or commercial, for instance. An apprentice averages around $23 an hour. A journeyman can go as much as $70 an hour, depending on the state. A lot of electricians also have health benefits and 401k included in their jobs.


Similar to electricians, plumbing jobs require skills that are evaluated and affect the safety of a home. Leaks and faulty plumbing can cause rotting, which then leads to mold. This mold can further cause damage to properties, leading to a compromised foundation. Also, permits and inspections are done before plumbing projects are done.

The demand for this kind of work will continue to be high as plumbing work continues to affect the lives of everyone. Their job is not just installing new pipes but also fixing existing ones and redirecting them when new structures are made. Over time, pipes also degrade, so properties would naturally need to get plumbing services.

Plumbers are paid quite well, and work hours are slightly more flexible than others. Those that have been doing this for decades start up their own company.

Equipment and Electronics Repairman

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The more gadgets and technology there is in the market, the more demand for repairmen and technicians. From setting up desktops to fixing consoles, repairmen are essential in any residential area because there will always be people that need help. Nowadays, their job is even more critical as older generations are unfamiliar with setting up desktops on their own.

Some are more specialized—for instance, some work solely on HVAC or heating systems. Aside from repairs, their primary duties involve installing and checkups. However, the downside to some of these jobs is that you may need to work late hours, depending on your company. Though, it has relatively flexible hours that you can have free mornings as well.

Salary would vary depending on the service. Bonuses are also a big part of this line of work, so performing well pays off. At the same time, having customers that specifically choose you because of your performance is a plus.

Steel Worker

As long as there is construction going, there will always be a demand for steelworkers. They create metal sheets used for makings, railways, roads, and many more. Steelworkers would occasionally help with the demolition and rehabilitation of old bridges and properties. Generally, though, their job is cutting and molding steel to certain specifications, so they are essential all around.

The median salary for steelworkers is $16 an hour, and it is higher than many other office jobs. Getting into this career doesn’t even require a four-year degree. You need a GED or high school diploma, but the education required for it is an apprentice program. On-the-job training can also be substituted for this. If you are okay with a bit of heavy lifting, then this is a great career path.

With this knowledge, you can consider the career path you can take if you wish to earn more from your job.

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