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Beyond Aesthetics: Functional Car Upgrades You Should Get

There are tons of car mods that everyone will tell you to get. But that does not mean all of them will benefit you. Make sure you get functional car upgrades that will help you enhance your drive. Here are some car upgrades that are worth it. 

Quality Brake Pads

A lot of people tend to ignore their brake pads, but getting quality brake pads is crucial. It is one of the most affordable and functional car upgrades you can get. Poor quality brake pads can easily wear out and even put you at risk. You should not focus, however, on buying whatever is the “best” — you need to search for one that will help you predict stopping as much as possible.

Navigation Systems

Navigation systems are a fantastic upgrade to get for your vehicle. While many people use their smartphones to get around, it is not reliable since you might run out of data or they may not be signal in the area. Navigation systems will let you know where to go no matter where you are, which makes them a wise investment for your car. You can look for a company that offers automotive security in Provo, Utah to find the best navigation system for your vehicle.

High-Performance Tires

Invest in high-performance tires because they handle better. You will not easily lose control since they grip the road better while enhancing your turns, thus making it an excellent safety upgrade. Think about the climate you live in and the type of driving you do before buying tires. For instance, you should get all-terrain/season tires if you live in a place with four seasons. You should also check the wear of the tires and air pressure at least every week to keep them in good shape.

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Wires and Spark Plugs

While this is not technically a mod since it would be included in regular car maintenance, replacing the spark plugs along with their wires can create a positive impact on your car. Spark plugs experience wear because the conductive elements erode over time, causing the ignition coils to do more work to make a “hotter” spark.

HID Headlights

If you want to enhance your driving safety, it is time to get rid of your standard halogen bulbs. HID lamps use a secondary electric amplifier and a bulb charged by a specific gas to illuminate brightly. With these headlights, your roadway visibility will improve instantly, which is great if you drive in rural and dark areas frequently. You can easily install them — just make sure to protect it from any water exposure and secure the ballast to the car.

Backup Camera

Even experienced drivers can get their cars damaged when they reverse park. A smart car mod you can get is a backup camera. It will help you see what is behind you as you rear into a parking spot. If you want to take it up a notch, add a sensor, so your car will beep if you are near an object.

Car mods can be confusing at first, but you can choose the right options once you know what will benefit you. You can try out any of the functional car upgrades above to enhance your car’s performance.

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