Build a Greenhouse for Maximum Growing Season and Yield

Greenhouses are becoming a popular addition to many homes nowadays. Backyard gardens are nothing new, but greenhouses dedicated to vegetables, herbs, and fruits are now seen as a valid investment.

For those who are still on the fence about investing in a greenhouse, here are a few reasons you should do so:

No Need to Depend on the Seasons

One big reason you should consider building a greenhouse garden is that you end up not being chained to the seasons anymore. For example, greenhouses in Colorado allow for year-round harvests despite the cold climate in some parts of the year. You can duplicate this wherever you are and no matter what climate you have. You can be sure that your various crops will be ready for harvest when you want them, even if they’re offseason.

Added Protection

One of the many problems that plants have is that they are very vulnerable. Harsh winds, rain, and hail often end up savaging crops. With the protection of a greenhouse, that won’t happen. The climate is just one aspect of their vulnerability.

Plants are also at the mercy of plenty of pests and predators. Rabbits, rodents, and a variety of herbivores tend to enter any outdoor garden and dash off with some choice loot. The greenhouse protects your crops from these predators. You can even prepare for moles by digging deeper and placing barriers around your greenhouse.

It is not just mammalian predators that you can protect your plants from. Insect infestations can savage a crop if you are not careful. With a greenhouse, you won’t need to resort to pesticides to get rid of pests; you can just prevent them from entering your greenhouse completely. In addition, beneficial insects such as ladybugs and pollinators can be introduced to the greenhouse to create a truly organic experience.

Increased Control Over the Environment

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Another advantage of having a greenhouse for your main cultivation spot is that you have ultimate control over the environment. Unlike outdoor gardens, you have the chance to manipulate the humidity and temperature of your greenhouse. Invest in a simple humidifier and heater and your greenhouse will be tropically warm all-year long.

You can even control how much water your plants get and the nutrition in the soil. Full control means you can maximize the potential of your plants. Depending on what type of plants you are growing, you can fully customize the environment to accommodate their needs.

Expect Higher Yields

One of the greatest benefits of having a greenhouse is that you can expect a higher yield from your plants. With a prime growing environment, you can expect crops that are bigger, better, and more abundant come harvesting time. If you went all organic, you can be sure that there are no insecticides inside your plants.

Building a greenhouse nowadays is easy, with kits and guides readily available on the Internet. If the reasons above have convinced you that a greenhouse is for you, then you should start now and look into adding one to your property.

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