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Building a Green Restaurant: What You Should Remember

Go green! These words make up the slogan of most organisations that want to help take care of mother Earth. Part of this effort is the establishment of green restaurants. According to surveys, more consumers are becoming aware of the idea of ‘dining green.’ Many people are also very interested in patronising green restaurants in supporting environment-friendly causes. Several people are more than willing to pay more than the usual price to be in a green restaurant.

Do you also want to show care and empathy to Mother Earth? You can build your green restaurant, too! Here’s how to do it.

Present green food choices on the menu.

Start going green even in the menu. The menu itself conveys a positive message that will directly show your customers your good intention. Contrary to popular belief, going green is not at all similar to going organic. And putting on a green menu need not be composed of all-organic food options.

There is a debate on which is better: going green or going organic. Consumers argued that organic food might not support the green movement if it is not locally sourced. If purchasing organic vegetables entails lots of packaging and waste, it may not support going green.

However, vegetarian and vegan options will have a place in a green restaurant menu and GMO-free cuisine. Seafood may not be part of the menu considering issues surrounding the sustainability of marine life.

Practice energy conservation.

Part of establishing a green restaurant is the practice of careful use of energy. If you set your restaurant in a garden, consider choosing plants that can survive with minimal water. If you want to use a sprinkler, make sure that you can program it to automatically turn on or off at definite times of the day. ; Setting up water catchments and reuse systems that can reuse rainwater and groundwater is also a good move.

A green restaurant must also be energy-efficient. One can do this by keeping indoor temperatures at a moderate level. Energy conservation may also take using Energy Star appliances, roofing material, and windows.

Consider using alternative sources of power. Contact contractors who will initiate the boiler installation and orient them to your objective to go green. Consider other intense energy-saving options such as using solar panels, wind turbines, or geothermal sources.

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Choose sustainable interior decor.

From the start of conceptualising the restaurant, you must include using interior decor in the priority list. Consider reusing salvaged or reused items for wall decors. Cloth napkins and table cloths must also be washable and ready for several uses. Paper and plastic disposable dishware have no place in a green restaurant as they are great waste contributors and will harm the environment. Tables, chairs, and other furniture made of bamboo or any FSC Certified material wood are much preferred.

Apply for resources and certification for green restaurants.

Your restaurant will gain more trust from stakeholders if it has certificates proving its eco-practices. Here are two organisations that can help you get those precious certificates.

The Green Restaurant Association (GRA)

The GRA is a non-profit organisation that you should contact to evaluate your restaurant. When approved, the GRA issues a certification and convenient and cost-effective tools to keep the stress of setting up a green restaurant at bay.

The Green Business Organization

This organisation has been influential in the go-green movement. Also known as Green America, the Green Business Organization offers business tools to help you survive in the competition in the green marketplace.

When you gain recognition, this organisation will help you gain publicity in the famous National Green Pages so that other supporters will know about your restaurant.

Going green has been in the corner for quite some time now. To make sure your customers understood your intentions, consider advertising your services online. You can set up a website explaining the objectives of your restaurant. You can include your menu there, too. Also, traditional advertising such as the distribution of flyers still works. You can distribute these flyers together with your social media campaign. Doubling your efforts on significant events such as Earth Day would increase the visibility of your business.

Establishing a green restaurant is good for the environment. Going green is also a smart business decision, so it will help you save energy consumption costs, increasing the appeal of your brand reputation, and boost sales and profits. Make it a part of your daily routine to reduce food waste, manage energy consumption and create a sustainable menu to live what you have preached.

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