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The Green-volution: The Change in the Post-Pandemic World

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed our way of life, and adjusting was no piece of cake. One year since the deadly virus silenced the whole world, many of us are still lost at sea in a struggle to keep our boats afloat in this so-called ‘new normal.

However, despite its devastating effects, it’s also worth acknowledging the rise of issues and practices that have once been ignored and overlooked. Topics on essential measures and protocols to help protect ourselves from the virus and ensure public safety are perhaps the ones gaining more attention these days.

Another thing that has captured the public’s eyes is how many of us became more aware and concerned about the repairs that our environment needs. As we stepped aside to find comfort and protection to the four walls of our homes, the environment slowly crawled its way out and started showing us how it healed itself from the wounds of mankind.

Cleaner air, smog-free city skylines, and even mountains from afar started showing up. In fact, according to a study conducted by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, there was a significant increase in positive environmental effects since the start of the pandemic.

Due to the restrictions on movement, social and economic activities, the air quality has improved by 50% compared to last year. Water pollution has also been reduced due to the shrinking of major industrial sources since the lockdown. The quarantine and lockdown measures also helped decrease noise pollution as people were mandated to stay home, thus reducing economic activities and communication worldwide.

As we move forward and try our best to survive the current situation, people started exploring several ways and effective methods to add more layers of protection against the virus. Thus, the rebirth of Green Cleaning.

What Is Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning is a traditional cleaning practice that goes years back. The rapid transmission and dangers brought about by the pandemic have forced people to find alternative ways to protect themselves, has resulted in a wide-scale transition of traditional cleaning and finally recognizing its effectiveness in dealing with disinfecting our homes, offices, and whatnot.

This traditional cleaning can have several definitions, but the goal remains constant — to use environmentally friendly products to benefit us and our home, the world. For instance, some households may use natural green cleaners such as vinegar, lemon, baking soda, etc.

On the other hand, companies with facility maintenance services would want to up their game in the next few months and be more strategic with longer-term outcome goals in mind as the demand for repair, functionality, comfort, safety, and efficiency increases in buildings, workplaces, schools, homes, and public spaces.

A safe space requires a lot more nowadays, and maintenance personnel should follow guidelines from reliable organizations and carefully plan their strategies, equipment, and techniques.

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Benefits of Going Green

Green cleaning takes up a huge chunk regarding the benefits of maintaining health and safety for both humans and the environment.

  • Improves respiratory health

Because of the nature of this particular technique, harmful chemicals that are normally used in the usual cleaning products are omitted. These cleaning supplies, such as aerosol sprays, chlorine bleach, detergent, dishwashing liquid, etc., usually contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which release toxic substances and are hazardous to our health. Many green cleaning products contain pleasant natural essential oils that improve the air we breathe, thus can help to prevent asthma attacks, allergic reactions, and other respiratory illnesses.

  • Prevents skin irritation

Skin rash, contact dermatitis, and in some rare cases, burns are linked with cleaning products that have a higher concentration of bleach, alcohol, chlorine, ammonia, and other substances. A switch to green cleaning is beneficial, especially for those who suffer greatly in this area.

  • Decreases in water, land, and air pollution

Toxic waste and chemical residue from the products we use are released into our environment, thus putting more harm and a greater threat to animal and plant life. What goes around comes around.

  • Reduces carbon footprint

Each contribution — whether big or small — plays a huge role in reducing our carbon footprint. So doing our part in helping our environment heal is beneficial for all living things.

The current situation reminded us how things around us are interdependent. And the results of our actions today will be reaped by no other than us and the generations that will inherit our home, our planet. The importance of taking care of our planet is imperative, and that we have to act now.

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