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Childproofing Homes: Balancing Safety and Aesthetic in Your New Home

Preparing for the arrival of your baby or watching your toddler grow up will be some of the most exciting moments you’ll go through in life. However, welcoming a new baby or dealing with an energetic toddler as they grow up can be challenging, meaning you’ll need to make a couple of changes at home. The problem is, not every child-proof method looks the best, leaving many homeowners sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of their houses for their children’s safety.

Fortunately, thanks to the advancements in technology and the increasing popularity of different design trends, manufacturers are becoming more creative in their designs—and it’s now possible to childproof your home without sacrificing style.

Here are different ways you can childproof your home while maintaining style beyond the tumultuous toddler years.

Outdoor Railings and Fences

Although it can be challenging to find gates, railings, and fences that can match the aesthetic of your home outdoors, it is possible. Metal railings and pool fences are usually flexible essential security measures that you can always customize to perfectly blend in—ensuring safety and style.

Cordless Blinds

Dangling cords from blinds is one of the leading dangers for toddlers and babies. It’s best to eliminate the threat by investing in cordless blinds, where you can control light penetration using an AI-powered and battery-operated wand control system, keeping your home well-shaded minus the risks of cord-related accidents.

Silicone Corner Bumpers

Some of the most dangerous things inside a home are kitchen countertops, tables, and coffee tables, as children can easily bump their heads on its corners. Luckily, silicone corner bumpers are now a thing, and manufacturers have designed them to blend in with the design of your tables or any other piece of furniture with sharp corners, perfectly blending in and ensuring safety.

Magnetic Locks

Invisible childproofing might be one of the best concepts for home design-conscious parents, and you can also do this by buying plenty of magnetic cabinet locks for the kitchen and bathroom. Doing this allows you to refrain from using unappealing “locks” outside of all cabinets or fumble with them whenever you need to get something inside or place things in them. The beauty of magnet locks is that you can turn them off whenever you don’t need to use them, keeping your kitchen and bathroom as beautiful as ever while ensuring your child’s safety.

Self-closing Outlet Covers

One must-have childproof device you have in your home is electrical outlet plugs that protect your child from being shocked via the sockets throughout your home. However, these tend to be bulky and don’t look the best in your home. Luckily, times have changed. Now you can go for “self-closing” outlets that automatically close when nothing is plugged, protecting your children and your home’s appeal as these usually have minimalist designs.

Besides that, having exposed cords around serve as a huge safety hazard for kids, so it’s best to have cord covers or boxes around that match your existing decoration to blend in well and provide ample safety.

Mount Your TVs

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Televisions are one of the most significant safety hazards in any household, as these can electrocute your child or accidentally fall on them when they try climbing on a TV stand. That’s why it’s best to have them mounted in all rooms of your house with TVs. Doing this ensures the TV is out of reach, allowing your children to enjoy their favorite shows without the risk of getting hurt.

Go Flameless

If you’re the type of person who loves having lit candles around the home to set up more homey vibes but has curious children around, it’s time to sacrifice your interest and go for flameless LED candles. These are usually made from plastic and mimic the effect of flickering candle lights, ideally setting up the comfy vibes you love. Having real candles around not only serves as a fire hazard, but they may also chew on the candle, leaving them accidentally choking on the wax when left unattended.

Mount Artwork and Frames on the Walls

If you have photo frames and artwork that you want to showcase throughout your home, instead of placing them on shelves or tables, it’s best to mount them on walls. That’s because if your curious toddler knocks over or drops any of these two, its materials may shatter and cut them, even if you have carpeted floors. Make sure to place the frames out of reach by mounting them on the wall or replacing them with plastic.

These methods are just some of the things you can do to protect your children without sacrificing style in your household, and most of these should cover all the bases. Remember, as much as you love good decorations, the safety of your little ones should always come first—and adding any of those mentioned can provide you with both.

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