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Choosing the Right Color for Your Countertop

Almost every movement in the kitchen utilizes countertops. They’re exposed to scalding heat and all kinds of liquids. This is why the material you choose for countertops should be durable. With this criterion in mind, your best bet is stone countertops. These are easily accessible, especially in Layton.

Stone can withstand fluctuating temperatures in a busy kitchen. It can also absorb a significant amount of force. Still, any maintenance or damage that may occur to the stone, professionals are readily available to restore your countertop’s glory.

These gigantic slabs are rocks pulled out from the Earth, shaped, and polished by professionals. Their natural spots, colors, and veins are preserved. The variety of appearances of these rocks give people a wide range of choices that they could pair with their kitchen’s interiors.

We’ve selected color categories and described what colors and textures complement them.

Plain white

You might have seen this in trends lately–the minimalist, modern look. However, this color can be too drastic. Playing with contrast between colors and textures is necessary to avoid tackiness. One common design choice is pairing a pure white countertop with pure black cabinets. Besides, the contemporary vibe of a black-and-white kitchen can be a chic choice.


There are two color schemes that a dark countertop can complement: black and playful. An all-dark color scheme gives the illusion that the top extends to the bottom of the counter, towards the floor.

Because of the stark contrast a plain black countertop gives, it does an incredible job emphasizing bright and soft colors. For example, you chose a pale pink color for your cabinets. Pairing this with a light countertop may only wash off the color as they tend to blend. On the other hand, when paired with a plain black countertop, the darkness of this color clashes with the lightness of the pink. Therefore, it makes the lighter color more noticeable.


Bright beauty kitchen interior in modern design

If black-and-white isn’t your thing, but you still want neutral colors in your kitchen, gray is the best choice for you. Because gray is a mid-tone color, it can be used as a transition for intense color schemes. This is also a great color to pair with metallic elements, in case you want to feature unique or antique pieces from an old house.


Stones usually have natural patterns. Some are spotted while some are veined. Lightly-veined stones that give that marble effect. They look a little minimalist without being too plain.

Flecked stones work well with traditional interiors. If your kitchen is all about those wood hues and textures, this countertop will suit the design. It’s good for those who are looking for a light and fresh-looking countertop that isn’t too stark.

Heavily-patterned stone

This is a scream-at-your-face kind of choice, but it works as a centerpiece for the kitchen. Be careful not to overdo it, though, as it may come off too strong for the entire room. Because of this, you should consider the size of your kitchen before having a heavily-veined countertop. It’s only great for large kitchen spaces to neutralize the intensity of the pattern.

Whether you want a contemporary or traditional kitchen, selecting the right colors and countertops is important. It gives the room a more polished look and is integral for the cohesiveness of your design.

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