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Cleaning Businesses: the Importance of Their Services

Cleaning is essential in our day-to-day lives. Regular cleaning can help us avoid allergies and germ-related infections. Cleaning is a necessary job in every home and office. People in America spend about six hours a week cleaning their homes and workplace.

Keeping our home and workplace clean is vital because it affects our physical and mental health. Bacteria and germs can spread around a place if it is not cleaned regularly. This can result in complications in someone’s body and lead to serious physical problems. A messy workplace also lowers your productivity rate since you cannot work well on a table full of clutter and distractions.

Industry Background of Cleaning Businesses

Cleaning services have been in our community for years now. Most people not familiar with cleaning businesses are missing a lot. Cleaning companies are growing, with over 1.7 million total employees from different companies. The number of employees is rising due to the high demands for services.

The cleaning industry earned over 46 billion dollars in 2020. This data proves that the industry is growing. Sanitation companies are included in this industry, especially in times of a pandemic. For the past year, services from sanitation companies were more in-demand.

Most Common Cleaning Services

Some people do not have the luxury of time to clean their homes even if they badly want to. They are occupied with their jobs, and others cannot successfully clean a specific area in their homes. These days, people call cleaning services to do the task for them. Some of the most common services that people need are:

1. Residential Cleaning

Some people might say that it is our responsibility to clean our homes. But cleaning companies exist for a reason: they help people clean their homes. There are certain areas in our homes that we can’t clean ourselves, so we need help from professionals. Calling cleaning services is completely normal and advisable for some people.

Residential cleaning services usually offer dryer vent cleaning, gutter cleaning, air vent repair, and more. One of the advantages of hiring cleaning services is that they get the job done right. They are professionally trained for this type of job, and you can expect great results from them.

2. Car Wash

Car wash services are like the veterans in the industry. They’ve been around since 1914 when the first car wash service was opened in Detroit and was named ‘Automated Laundry.’ There are thousands of car wash services scattered across every state and country in the world. Approximately 77% of car owners wash their cars at car wash services.

There are two options for these services: self-service and conveyor. 58% of clients prefer conveyor services because they are less time-consuming. Although it comes with quite a high-price, these people are still willing to pay for it because they are satisfied with the service.

3. Laundry & Dry Cleaning

The first dry cleaning service was invented around 1821. Most people are delighted with the invention of laundry and dry cleaning services, especially those who live in shared apartments.

News about the laundromat business dying is fake because people in urban areas highly request these services. Most people do not have the time to wash their own clothes the same way they do not have time to clean.

These services exist for that reason: to assist busy individuals. Their services make it convenient for the clients since all they do is drop off their clothes and go to work, then come to pick them up when they’re all clean. That is a big help to people fighting daily battles with success in the competitive business industry.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Services

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Some highly popular services are those that promote the green initiative. Cleaning services nowadays use eco-friendly products. Study shows that 46% consumers prefer services that use eco-friendly products to clean.

This is also a strategy for the cleaning companies to appeal to the customers. Customers are more attracted to companies that contribute to the environment. Their customers’ feedback and voices are some of the most important factors in running a cleaning company.

The cleaning industry predicts the birth of new cleaning companies, adding to the long list of existing businesses. They know that people will continue to need cleaning services for the following years, which secures these companies’ future.

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