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Co-Parenting: How to Make It Work

Divorce is one of the most common reasons children grow up in broken homes lacking maternal or paternal guidance. But good parents who only want the best for their children know the importance of being present and functioning as parents despite differences, and in this case, despite the divorce. While working with your ex-spouse and at the same time trying to move on and live a new life can be overwhelming, not to mention looks and sounds difficult, it is a transition that most partners are able to do through co-parenting.

Your chosen divorce attorney in Albuquerque or any other urban area will discuss with you the importance of custody and how the best interest of your child will be the priority of the court in settling not just your divorce but also your custody. Ideally, the best way to make custody work is to be open to the idea of co-parenting.

Hollywood celebrities Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, as well as Chris Pratt and Anna Faris,  are just two of the numerous couples who went through splitsville but has managed to keep a good co-parenting relationship with their ex for the sake of their children. Their secret? Constant communication and prioritizing their children.

Respectful relationship towards your ex

While seeing your ex regularly is not really on top of your list, especially after the divorce, it is inevitable and is a reality that you would have to accept and go through if you want to raise your child together properly. The love might not be passionate anymore. It has certainly changed, but the respect towards your ex should still be there. This respect is the exact foundation you would need to be able to effectively communicate with each other. Talking bad about the other person or having a feeling that both of you are competing for the love of your children can be avoided if there is respect.

Effective communication allows ex-couples to lay down ground rules that will work not just for them, but also for their children. Children who live in an environment where their parents respect each other and constantly communicate regardless of whether they are married or divorced fare better in life than those who don’t.

Prioritizing your children’s needs

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Regardless of how young or old your child is, being involved in the middle of a divorce is not easy. There will be self-blame and the feeling of not being loved, among others. Use that respect you have towards each other to find suitable and effective ways to prioritize your children’s needs even after the divorce. Having a visitation schedule that works for both parties, or even carving out some time to bond together as a family, are just some of the ways to make your children feel loved despite the divorce.

Divorce is not easy. It becomes a lot more complicated if there is a child involved. But the right mindset and the desire to make co-parenting work for the sake of your children can help you raise good kids who will eventually be good adults.

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