Community Building Through Urban Planning

There is a need for us to stay indoors during this time of the global health crisis. However, many of us have already been experiencing the detrimental effects of the quarantine period on our physical and mental health. It may be important for us to spend a safe time outdoors while observing strict health protocols such as the wearing of face masks and observing social distancing.

Spending time outdoors has its benefits, especially after several months of staying at home. The warmth of sunlight allows the better absorption of vitamin D. Sunshine is also known to boost the levels of happy hormones in our system. Meanwhile, fresh air is always good for our respiratory system. Spending time outdoors can also be a good way to bond with family as long as safety measures are strictly being followed.

Given these benefits of spending recreation time outdoors, there is a need for urban planning to prioritize spaces that promote outdoor lifestyles. Outdoor park shelters can do just that by providing safe areas for families and friends to hang out comfortably.

Benefits of the Great Outdoors

While it is important to make sure you follow strict safety protocols when going outside these days, you should also be aware of the health benefits of spending time outdoors. The great outdoors has a lot to offer in terms of physical and mental health benefits. Here are some outdoor benefits that you can take advantage of when you have the chance.

As mentioned, being exposed to sunlight helps improve your bones, blood cells, and your overall immune system. This is because it helps your body absorb minerals such as calcium and phosphorus and your system needs sunlight to do so.

During this pandemic, a lot of people have been feeling anxious due to the uncertainty of the times. It is important to ease this anxiety to avoid developing more serious mental health concerns. Going outside can help relieve symptoms of anxiety. Sunlight, exercise, and nature can all contribute to your overall peace of mind. Going outdoors helps keep you calm and focused each day.

If you have been struggling with your sleep cycle during this pandemic, you might need to stay under the sun for a few minutes. Getting early morning sunlight may help you sleep at night. It helps repair your sleep cycle, giving you a good night’s sleep when the sun comes down.

Stuck in a creative rut? Spending time outdoors can also boost your creativity. A breath of fresh air can inspire a new thought pattern that can help you find new angles to the same problems.

These are some benefits of spending time outdoors, especially if you haven’t been particularly feeling good lately. Going outdoors should be a safe and healthy experience during this time. Make sure you always follow safety protocols to ensure a good outdoor experience with the family.

Importance of Parks

Parks are an important part of the urban lifestyle. It reconnects the community to the beauty of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of skyscrapers. Parks provide an opportunity for individuals and families to relax. This is a great natural haven for those seeking quiet time and a healthy environment.

These public parks provide sustainable landscapes that reduce carbon footprints. These serve as valuable resources that cleanse our air and water. They reduce the runoff of stormwater and serve as protection for wildlife habitat. Providing safe access to public parks allows the community to experience and appreciate nature in an accessible and affordable way.

Parks have the power to build strong communities. It is important for us to save our public parks to continuously provide safe spaces for communities to enjoy nature. These areas serve as safe spaces for families and friends to enjoy each other’s company while appreciating the environment and the community around them.

Supporting and Maintaining Parks

Supporting parks takes a lot of effort from the community in its area. The government, as well as volunteers, should work together towards the preservation and maintenance of a certain public park. Doing so will allow communities to continuously benefit from its green space as a source of fresh air and quietness.

It is important to first assess the community, its assets, and its needs. You have to make an honest assessment of the current state of the park to make sure you hit all the right points in addressing these concerns.

Creating a team of volunteers or government officials may be required to proceed with any activity that will benefit the maintenance or rehabilitation of a given park. You may need to secure permits before going about your tasks. As you have already determined the needs of the community, gather the required resources to be able to address these needs.

These are some ways to support and maintain public parks to prevent them from deterioration. Public parks are important in a given community. They provide ample sources of nature that the city greatly needs at this time.

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