Creating a Relaxing and Functional Outdoor Shower

A bath is not only a physical activity. It can also cleanse the mind and emotions. An outdoor shower is a trend that is becoming popular. This house feature levels up the bathing experience. Being one with nature clears the mind. There are also many reasons homeowners prefer to have outdoor showers. Thinking of having one? Here are some considerations that you must look into:

Choosing the Big and Small Things

You must choose the appropriate bathroom products for your Melbourne home’s outdoor shower. Rainfall showerheads are a good pick. The flow of water imitates a rain forest experience. Indeed, it is like communing with nature. If space allows, you can install a durable and rustic-looking tub to give a spa-like experience.

One may overlook bathroom accessories, but they are actual necessities. Your outdoor shower must have a dry space for changing clothes and storage. This area must have a spacious cabinet, towel rails, and clothing hooks. You would not want to run inside dripping wet after a relaxing shower outside.

As an added luxury, you can think of where to install an outdoor music station. A soothing melody will blend well with nature sounds as you enjoy your outdoor bath.


Keeping It Dry and Private

Location is an important consideration when thinking of an outdoor shower. You must think of a space where there is enough sunlight. This is to aid in drying up the area. A collection of moist will lead to mold and scum accumulation. You would not want that to be an issue with your little space.

Privacy is another factor when thinking of a good location. Since a shower is a personal ritual, you would not want prying eyes to be all over. This may prove to be challenging in the outdoors. But there are many available screens for this purpose. You must also consider privacy not only with what is around but what is above. You may opt for a roof alternative that blocks the view of anyone from above but still gives you a glimpse of the sky. If your shower area is in a strategic position, a tree with abundant leaves might do the trick.

Your location must also give you the best view and feel of the outdoors. Stepping into your outdoor shower must give you a back-to-nature vibe.

Having a Good Water Flow

You would not want to put a stop to your soothing shower because no water is coming out from the showerhead. That is why good plumbing is very important in constructing an outdoor shower. Like its indoor counterpart, you must ensure good water flow in this house feature.

Drainage is another concern that you must address. A traditional way to drain water from an outdoor shower is to let the soil absorb it. There are also outdoor showers that have drainage connected to the main system of the house. Whatever option you have, ensure that water will not pool on the base of your outdoor shower.

Other Considerations

  • Have a durable and quality shower base. Although you want to commune with nature, you would not want your feet getting all muddy.
  • Choose natural materials such as wood and pebbles to enhance the nature vibe. Natural color schemes work well, too.

Being one with nature while water is pouring onto your body is very relaxing. You can achieve this with careful planning and execution. You can have your private reprieve in the middle of the beautiful outdoors.

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