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Curb Appeal: Beautify Your Home to Guarantee a Quick Sale

The curb appeal of your home can play a big role in the speed with which your house is sold. Every person who comes to view it already has an impression about it based on the way it looks. This is human nature. If they think your home looks shoddy, you may be able to change their mind with new kitchen fittings or a pretty paint job. But it is always going to be hard to let go of that first image.

Most home buyers have a budget set aside for renovations and remodeling. As long as the house looks like their dream home, they are willing to let go or overlook a lot within the house. Thus, it is in your best interests to arrange for a landscaping company to improve your home’s curb appeal. Once they are done, clean up the edges, polish the windows, and add little appealing features.

These thoughtful touches will help make your house look like a dream home. It will not only ensure that you get good offers, they may be willing to meet or even offer more than your selling price.

Trim and Mow

As soon as the realtor calls, trim your shrubs and mow your lawn. A freshly mowed lawn is going to look good and the pleasing aroma will have a very positive psychological appeal to home viewers. It will also be easier to keep your lawn looking fresh once the landscapers are done. Try to keep the fresh look for as long as possible as potential home buyers find well-kempt yards to be very appealing.

Arrange Your Plant Pots

Plant pots are very aesthetically pleasing when used correctly. Place your plant pots on the walkway leading to your front door. This will make the walkway look nice and the pleasant aroma will delight the home viewers.

Light Up the Way

If you do not have plant pots, there is another great way to make your walkway and front porch look welcoming. Replace the cover of the porch light with a new attractive sconce cover. Choose something whimsical like a sconce with prismatic glass or rose-colored glass. This will make for an appealing moment even before the home viewers enter your home.

Place little LED battery-powered lights along the walkway leading to your home. This will not only look pretty, it will also make the walkway safer to walk on in the dark.

Paint Your Trim

Painting the whole home might be more work than you are willing to do. Luckily, it can often be enough to paint the trim of the house. This will spruce up the look of the house without too much financial investment and give it additional appeal.

Pressure Wash Your Deck

Pressure washers can be rented for a few hours and are a fun way to clean years of grime off your back deck and the driveway. You may be surprised to find out exactly how much dirt can build up on your sidings, walkways, and patio. The pressure washer will remove it all, allowing you to show home viewers a fresh and attractive home.

Decorate According to the Season

A well-placed holiday decoration can help potential home buyers to imagine the home as their own. Holiday decor has a special part in everyone’s heart, so appeal to this by adding a few well-placed decorations to your home.

It does not have to be elaborate, just a nod to the time of year. A yarn cobweb with a plastic spider for Halloween or a wreath at Christmas time is enough to capture the spirit of the season.

Paint Your Fence

painting a fence

Buy a few cans of whitewash and send out your children to paint the fence. A white picket fence has the potential to install instant desire in the hearts of potential home buyers. It is a part of the American dream to have a home with a white picket fence, lean into this by cleaning up and painting your fence.

Replace Your Mailbox

Replace your old mailbox with a quirky new one. Leave it blank so potential homebuyers can imagine how their name will look like when painted on. This is a purely cosmetic upgrade that will add to the fresh new appeal of your home.

Clear the Clutter

If you have gardening tools or a children’s playset, consider putting the tools away and move the playset to the backyard. Too much clutter in the immediate view from the curb can give an impression of messiness. Keep your lawn clear to give people an unobstructed view of the front of your home. This is when they will form their first impression of the house.

Lastly, get a new welcome mat and greet your guests with a pleasant attitude. This is just as important as any small items you add to the home. Be honest with them about the renovations the house will need while telling them short and sincere stories about happy memories you have built in this house. Assuring them that yours is a good home to build a life in will go a long way towards helping them to make up their minds.

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