Customize More Stuff with Laser Engravers

It’s time to get rid of your old rotary machine engraver and switch to the more modern laser engraver. The laser engraver does everything your old rotary did — and so much more. It opens whole new possibilities in customization as well as design.

1. Great for Uneven Surfaces

Unlike traditional rotary engraving machines, laser engravers rely on targeted bursts of heat instead of a moving drill bit. This lets laser engravers etch designs and patterns into uneven surfaces without much difficulty.

Mugs or similarly curved or rounded objects are more easily customized as there is no need to adjust for changing depth or rough surfaces. You can easily use laser-engraving machines on globes or ball-shaped objects and mediums with undulating surfaces, extending your limits from just level planes.

2. Lighter Touch for Fragile Objects

Laser engravers work by vaporizing the thin surface of the material to leave markings. This vaporized layer can be so thin that it is barely perceptible to the touch. Unlike rotary machines, laser engravers do not put undue stress on the target material, allowing delicate work on delicate wineglasses or thin wood. Even brittle material can be marked, so when you feel the urge to label a cracker, you can do it using lasers.

3. Works on Soft Materials



Laser engravers can be used on softer materials like fabrics or leather. Laser-customized denim won’t get a burnt edgy look that you would expect. Instead, laser lightens the color of denim, allowing intricate designs that grab everyone’s attention. Laser-etched denim appears natural and has a vintage feel, similar to an acid wash but with greater design options. Laser-etching on leather produces clean and clear markings. Whether it’s text or images, lasers can customize leather without damaging the material.

4. Incomparable Design Capability

No matter how intricate the design, laser engravers can handle it. Whether it’s intricate mandalas or actual photos, they pose no problems. Unlike rotary machines, laser engravers use bitmaps instead of vectors. This allows lasers engravers to create multiple layers that will enable the engraving of extremely detailed images. Lasers can pass through the medium numerous times to create contrast and depth, which is impossible with a standard rotary machine.

5. Simple Operation

If you can use a run-of-the-mill scanner and printer, you can use a laser engraver. Just scan the image or design, place the target medium, and start engraving. You can even use an image file stored in a USB or find one via the Internet. It’s just like using a printer.

Actually, laser engravers do work similarly to printers. A laser head moves across the medium multiple times, firing targeted bursts of heat in specific locations to create an image. Unlike printers, you won’t be running out of ink, but it does require a little more maintenance.

Overall, whether you’re a business owner or a hobbyist, laser engravers can open up new possibilities for your artistic endeavors. They are easy to use, and they can create the most intricate designs and photos.

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