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Cutting Corners: Creative Ways to Sell Your Home Faster

It’s true. It is possible to sell your house fast. But we’re not saying it’s going to be a walk in the park. As a matter of fact, it could be a stretch. You need to go through a lot of hurdles to arrive. Plus, the complexities and legalities could overwhelm you like no other. The good news is with a little creativity, you should be able to sell a property faster than you have to.

To note, some factors are just unchangeable, things that could make or break the speed of your sale. An example is the location of your home. If your property is located in a desirable neighborhood, then it’s highly likely you will sell fast. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

With so many sellers in the housing market, expect fierce competition. And it can be emotionally challenging at the same time, especially for first-timers. You’d have to open yourself up to unsolicited and oft-times damaging criticisms from walk-in strangers on the structure of your home. Plus, chances are they will offer to buy your home at a lesser price than what it is worth. Thus, this is the right time to be strategic about it and face the challenge head-on. Below are creative ways to stir things up and hasten the sale.

Let Buyers Stay for the Weekend

Having to deal with strangers going in and out of your house can be such a hassle and time-consuming. So, what’s a more ingenious way to solve this than letting them stay for the weekend? With this strategy, you can let your buyers experience what it feels like to live in your home first hand. And put them under your spell.

This house swapping trend has been increasingly popular in the housing market. All you need to do is highlight the best features in both your home and community. And if you’re lucky, the first buyer to stay in your home shall also be the one who’ll purchase your house.

You should also help them with the buying process as much as you can. A good start is by helping them get the best mortgage loan rates to fit their budget from all the mortgage companies. Just make sure that they qualify and meet the requirements to get the mortgage rate that they want.

Use the Power of Social Media

social media

When most people are glued to their phones, you can utilize this to your advantage. Instead of hiring a real estate agent to take care of selling your home, how about paying someone to share it on their social media accounts? Like what Lori Ralph did to sell his house. If the person who shared his post led to the property being sold, then he’s more than willing to pay for a thousand dollars.

The influence of social media is indeed very powerful. You can even find lost loved ones and pets by sharing them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You need the right strategy for online people to be interested in.

Create a Virtual Tour of Your Home

With each passing day, real estate brokers have been increasingly reliant on the digital market. As a consequence, most people are now leaning towards creating a virtual open house or tour. And who can blame them? With the virus around.

Virtual tours open endless opportunities. To boot, you get access to potential buyers from different countries across the world. You can also have a live stream so that potential clients can get a taste of living in your home by watching it.

Many sites can help you create a virtual tour and share it with eager buyers. Or you can always get someone to make it happen for you. That way, photos are captured more professionally. And your virtual tour is more appealing to the eyes of the client. Being creative and exerting effort is a good mix. More often than not, it will result in you getting the reward you deserve. At the time you want.

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