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Determining Wrongful Deaths: Find Out if You Have a Right to Compensation

The death of a dearly beloved is always devastating. For the surviving companions, it can be a confusing time. But determining the exact details of the death as soon as possible will help them build a strong wrongful death case. Win the case, and they claim damages from negligent parties as recompense.

However, people are sometimes not aware that they can file a wrongful death case to court due to the indistinct circumstances of the deceased’s death. If you are likewise bereaved and uncertain, wrongful death lawyers in the Long Beach area can help you build your case. Here are possible causes of wrongful death:

Automobile accidents

Of all wrongful death cases, vehicular accidents remain among the most cited. Vehicles include cars, trucks, and even bicycles. Wrongful deaths on the road are typically caused by the negligence of drunk, distracted, disorderly or aggressive, or impaired drivers. This goes for whether the deceased is driving another vehicle or is on the road as a pedestrian. Road construction sites that lack proper hazard warnings and signals can be alluded to as well.

Work-related accidents

Workspace accidents also cause wrongful deaths. People working for industries such as mining, construction, freight, or logistics are the most exposed in this scenario.

Fatalities might result from a variety of ways: contracting a disease due to unsafe work environments, getting caught in a fire or explosion caused by chemical mishandling, death due to operating faulty machinery, or accidents caused by lack of training or hazard warnings.

Medical malpractice

medical malpractice

Proving that the death was caused by medical malpractice typically takes longer. This is because it requires clear proof that the negligence was indeed caused by the overseeing nurse, doctor, or surgeon.

Grave negligence through this profession includes delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis, fatal injury during a surgical procedure, malfunction of medical equipment, wrongful administration of healthcare, error in prescription or assisted dosage, or life-threatening complications arising from a past medical procedure.

Product liability

Even with the wealth of disclaimers on product labels and manuals, it is still possible to claim a wrongful death from their consumption. Potential product liabilities include the defective manufacturing process, faulty design, apparent failure to warn of choking and other fatal hazards, and possible side effects.

Food products that mislabel or outright lack warnings to consumption hazards are also liable.

Premises liability

Death due to the direct or indirect participation of another party might qualify for a wrongful death claim. Such negligence can be electrocution, fire or fatal burning, drowning, or poisoning. Death due to a train or airplane crash might also entitle surviving parties to claim damages from the pilot or conductor.

Even animal or natural attacks can be considered causes of wrongful deaths once another party claims ownership damaging beings or elements.

Criminal acts

Outright criminal acts–regardless of whether the accused was the perpetrator or an accomplice–fall under probable causes of wrongful death. These can include fatal extortion or blackmailing, self-harm due to extensive and enduring trauma or harassment, longstanding torture, or domestic abuse leading to death, among others. Being an accessory to a crime that caused someone’s death allows for a strong case for claimants of wrongful death.

Overall, proving wrongful death is always a winding process. Fortunately, the burden of proof is lower, and there are plenty of wrongful death lawyers ready to review your claim.

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