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Direct Mail Marketing Isn’t Dead and Here’s Why

There is no question that the internet has helped countless entrepreneurs and businesses to promote their brands and products more easily and effectively. With email marketing, anyone can send as many emails as possible to potential customers with only a few clicks. It is easy and convenient.

Some even say this has overtaken direct mail marketing and put the final nail on its coffin. But they are wrong. Direct mail marketing and fulfillment services are still very much alive, and a lot of marketers would be wise to use this form of promotion. Here are the top reasons.

It is more personal

Sending out emails does not have the same personal touch that goes with direct mail marketing. With the latter, you can really turn on the personal touch by handwriting your mails to your most important customers. The benefit of going this extra mile is that customers feel more valued when they receive mails from their mailbox.

Even with the progress of technology, there are still many people out there who appreciate the old-fashioned way of being informed about a certain product or promotion. And communicating with them through mails could increase your chances that they purchase a product from you and perhaps even become repeat customers.

You can also target customers

Just like digital marketing, direct mail marketing can also target the customers you want to inform more about your products.

If you go to, you can use their Every Door Direct Mail tool to find areas with the specific people or businesses you would want to send your mail to. Of course, it still does not have the specific targeting tools that most social media sites have. But using this tool is helpful.

The combination of targeting your customers through and sending them your personal emails will make them believe that you really are searching for them and that you are focused on having them as your customers. So, there is a higher chance that you can make a sale with this marketing system.

Not everyone is doing this

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Another advantage of direct mail marketing is that less and less people are using this marketing channel to promote their businesses. This might dissuade you to try this out but do not be because this means that you’ll have a unique marketing channel that other customers might find refreshing.

Think about it; if everyone else is sending emails or posting promotional materials on social media sites, then their target market is already being bombarded with too many ads and promos through these channels. Then you come in and sweep your customers off their feet with a traditional but effective marketing strategy that is, again, more personal and tangible.

Do not brush off the idea that having a tangible marketing tool is effective because it really is. People who receive coupons or brochures in their mailboxes are more likely to pay attention to those marketing tools than simply finding them on their emails or Facebook accounts.

But if you are going to use this strategy, it is important that you design your brochures or coupons or any promotional materials to be as creative and attention grabbing so that your customers will find it hard to just chuck them in the trash bin.

Direct mail marketing is far from being dead. As long as you try to be creative with your way of writing those mails, it is highly likely that you will succeed in this traditional marketing channel.

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