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Easy Ways to Make Your Condo Look and Feel Bigger

Living in Manila has its challenges, especially when it comes to living space. Most people who are only starting with their adult lives often choose to either stay with their parents or in a condo that only fits their basic needs. So, how do you make up for this limited space?

There are creative ways you can turn a box-type condo into an intimate, comfortable and cozy space. Although you must make a few compromises at some point, you can still make the area look more prominent than it seems. All you need is to choose the right furnishing and employ proper organization skills. Here are a few life hacks to help you design the Manila condo for sale you’ve been eyeing to purchase.

Remove All the Clutter

You can start by removing all the small clutter lying around. Unnecessary objects tend to use up the little space that you have, making it feel and look cramped. Hide your stuff neatly and organize all the things that you have behind your doors and shelves. Once you’ve neatly arranged and taken these things out of sight, you’ll soon feel that everything is in order and open.

Use Light Colors

One great way to make your space look big is by making use of bright colors as well as sharp contrasts. Light colors tend to make walls reflect the light, which, in turn, can make your space look more polished and more prominent. Dark colors, on the other hand, tend to absorb light, which can make your room appear even smaller than it already is.

You can also choose soft tones of blue, white and green to make your space more welcoming and inviting. Painting your wall trim or wood molding in a lighter shade than your walls will also work for you since that will create an illusion of a more prominent space.

Open Entryways

Any pieces of furniture or accessory that block the view into a room will only make it look cramped. Moving these pieces away from walkways will open up the space, creating an illusion of a much bigger area. You might also want to set up taller pieces of furniture to open the floor space. This will help in producing the optical illusion of a wider floor area, too.

Choose See-Through Material

modern bathroom interior

You might also want to decorate your space with furniture pieces that use see-through materials. These will let your eyes pass through, making it appear farther than it seems. For a bathroom, you can try to replace an opaque glass shower door with a clear and frameless one. Doing so will make the size of your bathroom look big.

You can also use glass for tabletops, too. Ensure that the base of your furniture uses sturdy materials so that you won’t encounter any problems with it. Using see-through furniture tends to open space even more.

Living in a condo, no matter how small it is, shouldn’t be as difficult as it looks. All you need to do is to be creative when designing your space and be smart when placing each piece of furniture and accessory. Choose a condo that’s near your work area so that you won’t encounter any problems with traffic. It’s also best to choose a property near establishments like malls and hospitals to give you easy access if you need it.

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