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Eco-consciousness Starts as Early as in the Construction Phase

Utah is no stranger to construction sites. Commercialization is at its peak and wherever there’s empty space, there’s bound to be a building soon to rise. This is good for the economy of Utah, and this presents job opportunities for residents. What this may be bad for, when not planned properly and eco-consciously, is the environment.

It’s not enough to plan for your commercial property to be eco-friendly once it’s open and operational. As early as in the construction phase, you should already be doing your part in preserving the environment.

Managing Waste Properly

You can spend thousands on your architects, engineers, and project managers to come up with a design that’s contemporary, beautiful, and unique. It doesn’t take nearly as much money to be conscientious about the trash the construction site produces, especially if you look for dumpster rental in Salt Lake City with flexible options.

Generating trash cannot be helped when you’ve got construction in full swing. After all, it takes a lot of resources to create something that you will be proud of. However, this is not an excuse to just let the trash pile up or ignore their impact on the environment. Dumpsters in the worksite ensure that trash is managed and collected in a timely manner, which reduces the risk of them causing fires or health hazards on the construction site.

Using Recyclable Materials

You have a good way to manage the garbage you collect during construction, but don’t stop there. Choose recyclable materials whenever applicable to save the environment even as you’re constructing a new building. The carbon footprint of your project can be minimized this way, and recycled materials may also present some benefits to your building under construction.

Recycled concrete is just one of the materials you can use for your new building. Instead of leftover concrete ending up in landfills as a non-biodegradable material, they get a new lease on life as they are reused for a residential base, commercial or municipal base, or general construction. They would be the eco-friendly choice for parking lots or for improving the drainage system.

Prioritize Eco-friendly Leases

Meeting with clients with eco-friendly presentation
The commercial spaces in your building get leased before construction is finished. Every stall will soon be filled with different products and brands that future customers will be eager to visit. You would want all spaces to be rented out, of course, but if you can choose from several offers, prioritize those who already offer eco-friendly products or packaging. You can also give brands the option to change their packaging to be more eco-conscious to fit the image you are trying to portray for your commercial building. Don’t be afraid to demand such a change from the potential lessee. There is a huge market for green products, and brands understand that if they go against eco-conscious efforts, they’re looking at a major loss.

It’s important for environmental issues to be ingrained in everything we do. While there’s no stopping commercial properties from occupying lands, you can at least erect and operate buildings in a more sustainable manner.

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