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Enhancing Your Deck Floor in Easy Ways

A great deck can accent a simple house. Decorating your deck does not need to be expensive with just a few tweaks and placing the right things here and there. Decks and patios offer protection and different functionality but can also work as an added attraction to your lovely home.

You can use your gardening skills or unlock your hidden creativity even by just applying additional protection. You’d be surprised to know that even the commercially available waterproofing for your deck floor covering offers a variety of designs and materials to fit your style.

Make it a center of attention

A nice deck setting becomes a focal point of interest. From a cozy front porch to a nice backdoor roofless deck, it can attract people to gather and stay around for talks and/or dining. Pick warm colors and accentuate it in contrast with your house paint to make it stand out, or make it compliment your garden using greens or flower pots.

Compress to impress

If you have an elevated deck or a separate area like a kiosk or gazebo, it already stands out on its own and all you need to do is make it functional. Try moving furniture like chairs and benches close together to make it an area where people can be cozier as they are close together.

For open outdoor decks, try to make an enclosed space by using greens to make tighter spaces. You can arrange flower pots or shrubs to make a semi-circle around a space of benches and chairs to make it cozier and set the space apart from everywhere else and bring some sort of privacy.

Make it a fun spot

Try putting on warm lights around your deck to make it stand out in the evening. Fairy lights or outdoor garden lights works too. You can put anything that would make people want to stay like hanging chairs, single cocoon swings, pillows, or even gossamer curtains can help make it a relaxing place to hang around.

Green means go

A good selection of plants is a surefire way to make your deck a comfortable place to be. Being close to nature relieves stress and promotes peace of mind aside from being an eye candy. Whether you have a lush garden on the side or not, you can’t go wrong with accentuating your deck with plants.

An outdoor deck can be set with pergolas, trellis, or a wall side lattice that can accommodate vines for a more stunning effect. If you haven’t tried gardening yet, this is a good opportunity for you to start slow and pick which type of plants you would want to bring life to your deck.

Adding the element of water also brings relaxation and compliments your greens. Consider a fountain with a recirculating pump on the side for a more natural feel.

Add some textures

pool with wooden deck flooring

Depending on your taste, add some textures to your deck flooring or surrounding wall. There’s a lot to choose from – wood, granite, marble, etc., with variety of patterns and combinations. You can also add your own style with personalized pots, wall decors, wall paints, paper lanterns or any self-made crafts that brings out the artist in you.

Decorating your deck is fun and does not need to be expensive. Just remember that your aim is to decorate and your goal is to make it relaxing for you, so try not to clutter and make it over decorated. Sometimes simplicity works, and for as long as it already makes you want to hang around and enjoy a relaxing afternoon after work, then you did a great job.

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