Essential Business Skills That Small Business Owners Should Master

Whether you’re starting from scratch or buying an existing business or franchise, you will fill a lot of roles as a new business owner. The road will be long, and the path will not always be smooth. The truth is that you’ll face a lot of challenges when trying to bring a business to success. From hiring the right employees, finding suppliers, to balancing the sheets, the first few years of running a business is not for the faint of heart.

When you talk to a franchise consultant, you will be asked about your background in business management. They would want to know what knowledge you have about the industry you’re about to get into. Success demands more than resilience and hard work. Certainly, passion alone will not lead you to success. Even experts find it hard to thrive in an industry they know by heart.

Financial Management

Even if you’re going to hire an accountant and bookkeeper to manage your finances, you should still know how to forecast your cash flow and sales. As a business owner, you should monitor your profit and loss. You should also have basic knowledge about your tax computation.

Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service

This is the focus of most business owners. Your role is to choose the right campaigns that will promote your products and services. Good customer service and a great marketing strategy will improve your sales.


Business owners cannot survive if they don’t have good communication skills. In business, you will talk a lot. You will negotiate with suppliers, hire and manage employees, present to possible new investors, and solve customer relations problems. How you communicate with your clients, suppliers, and employees will reflect the image of your brand.

Time Management

This means using your time effectively. It’s using a set of common-sense skills that will maximize your time. Time management skills help you become more productive. You will get more done in a day because you know how to use your time efficiently. An example of great time management skill is scheduling your day to make sure that you accomplish as much as you can in a day.

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Although you will try to hire the best and most skilled employees, this does not mean that you can just leave the matters to them. You have to be ready to get your hands dirty, too. Don’t you think that your employees will respect you more if they know that you can do the work, too? The reason many businesses fail is that its owners aren’t willing to do the work.

Analytical Skills

You should know how to analyze the present state of your business and where it is going. The key to being analytical is to figure out what to do in between the present and the future. How can you close the gap to reach your business goals? You should analyze and interpret the present data and formulate a plan on how to get to your goals.

These aren’t the only skills you need to run a business successfully. They are a good start, though. Assess yourself first before diving into a business venture.

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