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The Evolution of Toy Technology

As time passes by, we know that the ongoing global health crisis has also been taking a toll on the young ones. With the quarantine restrictions still being implemented, we have no choice but to find ways to comfort our family, including the kids. Given the current circumstances, online shopping may have become a form of retail therapy for families.

Nowadays, it’s easy to purchase goods online. Having a cash-on-delivery option allows individuals to buy items if they have money on-hand at home. Since the onset of the pandemic, many trends have influenced our purchasing habits. Although this is the case, we should also consider what the kids need during this time. Perhaps an occasional treat is what they need to help them cope with the current stressors.

Providing toys to kids in the family could help distract them from feelings of sadness and anxiety. Playing at home during this pandemic is an important aspect of keeping children’s mental health in check.

How Toy Design Technology Has Evolved

Toy design might not be something you consider when buying toys for the kids. Perhaps you only think about if the character is popular or if the toy is colorful enough for the young ones. Although this may be the case, toy design plays a big factor in a child’s development.

While it’s known that accessibility and representation are the keys to the development of kids with disabilities, it’s also beneficial to look at how toy design has evolved.

Some toy companies have resorted to sustainable practices. Although it’s difficult to eliminate plastic from the toy industry, some toy manufacturers have opted to recycle used plastic such as fishing nets to produce new toys for kids. This shows parents that the company takes steps to minimize their contribution to the global plastic problem.

Toy companies have also started promoting less screen time during playtime with kids. To do this, toy companies have developed and promoted toys that are “kid-powered” or toys that need kids’ attention and focus to keep them entertained. This is a reaction to the trend of parents relying on screens to entertain children to the detriment of the kids’ mental and physical health.

STEM or STEAM has also been a trend in the toy design industry. These toys have integrated Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics into the process of playing with these toys. Aside from being entertaining, these toy designs allow playtime to be educational in the field that will otherwise seem boring and unattractive to kids.

These are some recent developments in the toy design field that have been making the rounds in the industry. Toys are essential in a child’s development, especially during this pandemic when everything seems confusing. Playtime allows children to process their thoughts and emotions through a healthy outlet.

Toys and Emotional Health

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Given the current situation, adults are not the only ones affected by the emotional roller coaster ride that is the COVID-19 pandemic. Kids these days have been affected as well. Children need an outlet to process recent events, especially those who still cannot grasp the gravity of recent events.

Toys play a big part in taking care of a child’s emotional health. While mental wellness has been a problem during the global health crisis, playing with toys has helped young children cope with the situation.

To alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression in young kids, parents can use playtime to communicate with their children about complex emotions these days. Doing so will allow both parents and children to process feelings that may otherwise be bottled up.

Apart from this, children should also be allowed to enjoy unstructured play. This will aid in the development of their mental, physical, social, and emotional aspects. Active play helps children build healthy and strong bodies with increased energy and reduced tension and anxiety.

While everyone in the family is feeling anxious nowadays, playtime will be a catalyst for relieving stress.

Playtime is a crucial part of child development, especially during these difficult times. These play sessions allow parents to bond and build stronger relationships with their kids through enjoyable moments.

Toys and playtime are big factors in a child’s emotional health during this global health crisis. Make sure to provide what your child needs during this time to avoid pent-up emotions, which may result in depression and other mental health issues.

Toys have had a long history since their inception. Parents need to recognize the need to provide enough time to play with kids and allow kids to have unstructured play to assist their children’s development effectively. Toys are not simply for entertainment purposes, so make sure to invest in quality toys that will benefit your children’s emotional and mental development.

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