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FACT: a Functional Garage Door Pays for Itself

In the Beehive State, basement remodels are the most popular among home improvements. This exciting fact can reflect the affinity of Utahns for the interior. It should not surprise anyone if less exciting projects, like Salt Lake City garage door repair and replacement, are mere afterthoughts.

If your broken garage door is not high on your agenda, you must seriously reconsider. This exterior fixture should take priority because ensuring that it is in good condition delivers an excellent return.

A new garage door can set you back more than $3,500, but it can make you money in its own ways. Below are the top reasons why you should think of a garage door project as an investment instead of just another expense.

Cheaper Insurance

Did you know that having a properly installed high-quality garage door can lower your auto and homeowner’s insurance premiums? It makes a useful bargaining chip in insurance rate negotiations because it decreases your chances of filing a claim due to theft and vandalism.

A functional garage door guards one of your house’s primary points of entry. It also keeps your vehicle safe from the elements and vandals 24/7.

Furthermore, a garage door lends itself to several security features. It can come with sophisticated locking mechanisms and can be easily integrated into surveillance systems. With or without all the bells and whistles, a simple, functional garage door can keep your belongings safe and sound by itself.

Enhanced Insulation

Garage doors these days can be insulated. Your garage might not have demanding heating, and air conditioning needs as your other rooms, this space, with proper insulation, can help keep the heat and the cold from coming in.

If you have windows in the garage, you will need a more energy-efficient door to make up for loss insulation. Even if you have ENERGY STAR–certified glass units, they can still allow a higher rate of heat transfer than opaque walls. An insulated exterior door can help moderate the temperature in your garage.


Increased Curb Appeal

A garage door is generally a peripheral exterior element to let the entry take the spotlight. However, an unsightly door can stick out like a sore thumb and ruin the otherwise charming façade of your house.

Updating the look of your garage door will increase the curb appeal of your house, which increases your property’s worth by up to 12%. If you nail the right style and color, your garage door might convince a professional appraiser and other people that your house is more expensive.

Unchanging Value

In major Utah cities, such as Salt Lake City and Provo, the value of a garage door hardly diminishes. According to the 2019 Cost vs. Value Report, a garage door replacement costs $3,550 on average, but you could recoup more or less 98% of what you spent on it when you sell your house. Among the 22 remodeling projects in the study, it ranked first when it comes to value retention.

A garage door is never a waste of money. If you put things into perspective, it should be top of mind when it comes to home improvement.

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