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Five Ways to Make a Small Office Space Look Stunning

Your business may still be small, and you still hope to grow it successfully. But do not let a small space stop you from creating an inviting office atmosphere. There are ways to create an office space design that employees would love.

Consider Having a Winding Staircase

Having a spiral staircase installed in your Brisbane office is a great space-saving idea because it adds a touch of class to any room. A straight flight of stairs tends to eat up a big chunk of rectangular space compared to its curvaceous cousin, which does not require much surface space. Aside from this, it makes an excellent statement piece as well. It could lend a touch of minimalist aesthetic to your workspace.

Let the Light In

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If the office is located in a spot that receives a good amount of natural light, use this to your advantage by opting for floor-to-ceiling windows. Doing this will flood the room with light, which will give the workplace the illusion of a spacious feel. In addition, if there are objects blocking the entry of sunlight into the room, you might want to rearrange the current space layout so that light can enter freely into the room.

If your office lacks this feature, do not fret; there are ways to create window effects. One is to hang drapes in between tall, slim mirrors. You may also choose to place white linen panels across a wall to create the illusion of windows.

Lastly, use different kinds of light to make the space look bigger. Consider using a combination of overhead lights with task lighting bulbs such as lamps. Aside from keeping the office well lit, doing this will also add a texture of variety, which will create an effect that is pleasing to the eyes.

Repaint the Ceiling and Walls

Choosing the right color combination can be a powerful tool to enlarging a space. When picking a color, it is useful to remember that optical illusions affect the way people see a room. For example, if you want to make the ceiling look higher, choose a color for the ceiling that is lighter than the walls’ color. Doing this will visually heighten the walls.

Some color combinations you might want to consider are white and dark blue and pastel pink and white. If you want the room to look more spacious, go for cool and light hues. This will make it look like the walls are receding. Colors you might want to consider include cream and pale gray.

Stack Them All Up

Take advantage of all available vertical space. For this, you are going to need shelves and filing cabinets. Arranging office equipment into separate piles gives the workspace the illusion of height. But you have to make sure that the objects are lined up nicely to avoid a cluttered look.

Making Cleaning a Habit

If your office deals in a lot of documents, now is a great time to invest in extra storage space such as overhead shelves and desk drawers. You might also want to implement a “Keep Your Area Clean” policy for all the employees to lessen the accumulation of cluttered areas.

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