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From Berserk to Bearable: Work Transitions During the Pandemic

As a business owner or even as an employee, have you been panicking with all the changes happening around us? Feeling agitated during these times is understandable given that there is a growing sense of uncertainty in our current situation.

Many changes have happened and many more will come. Some may have experienced changes early on in the pandemic, some only now. If you are part of the latter, read on. You are not alone in this business transition journey.

How can you prepare for necessary transitions in your business flow? Here are tips on how you can adapt to unexpected changes in business management.

Surprises Await

Many things may have been changing in your business, but that does not mean that you have to stress out about it. There are ways to manage shifts in logistics and management during this pandemic.

Some businesses have slowed down and even closed permanently due to difficulty in adjusting to the situation. Your business may not be an exception. You may have been considering cutting down on costs by moving to a more affordable workspace to be able to adjust to the changes in the business environment. To make things easier for you and your team, look for commercial movers services to assist you in your office transition.

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In line with cost-cutting measures, you should consider minimizing your traditional advertising materials such as TV ads, radio spots, and billboards. Maximizing your finances may have been keeping you on your toes recently, but there is a way to avoid traditional advertising costs without completely letting go of your marketing strategy. Instead, you can opt for digital marketing strategies that can elevate your brand even during this pandemic. Everyone is online nowadays so you will still be able to reach your target audience despite the change in platform.

With your shift to a more affordable office, perhaps you can also consider offering a partial remote work arrangement for select employees. This can minimize the physical contact among colleagues and perhaps reduce electricity consumption in the office as well. Utilize the various available software for virtual meetings such as Zoom and Skype to keep you and your team in touch despite the distance.

Business owners and employees alike should be able to maintain their composure during this difficult time although it is understandable if everyone has been feeling rattled. With the major changes in business recently, it is no surprise that employees and even bosses may not exactly be in their best shape.

What are the things you can do to manage your and your employees’ mental health?

Emotional Rollercoaster Ride

Mental health has been a hot topic in recent years but has it been given enough attention by employers? Mental health and productivity are co-related. Business owners should prioritize their team’s mental health if they want their employees to always be performing their very best. How can you, as a business owner, take care of your employees’ well-being?

One of the most important things you can do as a business owner is to keep your communication lines open for your team. While maintaining social distancing, make sure your team knows that they can voice out their concerns about the current work setup anytime they need to. Provide mental health resources for your team if possible.

Encourage your team to have a regular routine daily. Having a routine during this time will greatly help the anxiety that may have been caused by the uncertainty of the situation. Whether it be for your remote work employees or your employees at the office, remind them to stick to a healthy routine to keep themselves on track.

Remind your employees of the health and safety protocols that should be followed at all times. This will keep you and your team from the spread of the virus. Doing so may also help reassure them that, as a business owner, you are hands-on in making sure they are safe and healthy during this time.

Allow your employees to take necessary breaks. Avoid overworking your team that may lead to eventual burnout. These are tough times and you should try to be considerate of everyone’s situation. Not everyone has the privilege of an ample emergency fund in case they get sick so be respectful of their choices if your team is even stricter in implementing safety protocols.

These are difficult times for all of us. Business owners and employees alike should understand the anxiety and fear that many of us are going through. Being in control of the pandemic not only depends on the nearing vaccine, but also on how well we implement protocols and how we deal with the situation at hand. Be considerate of those around you so that we can go through this global health crisis together.

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