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Getting Rid of Pesky Pests at Home

Everyone hates it when insects and other pests get into the house. They’re disgusting and gross, and they’re often a signal that your house is in a dire need of cleaning. But even if you keep your home relatively clean, some insects might still find their way to your domicile. And in such an event, you might feel panic and fear- but don’t worry. You can still have control over your own house.   Here are some tips to help you keep those bugs away:

Don’t Let Them In

“Prevention is the best cure” is an adage that’s popularly used in medicine. But the same goes when preventing pests from calling your home theirs. If you have a garden, then windows and doors facing that garden can be an entry point for insects to make their way to your domicile. While it’s not one hundred percent guaranteed that you can keep them out, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Consider using screen doors to keep them out. Keeping indoor plants that repel insects is also a good and non-intrusive idea to keep them away.

Pest-Proof Your Kitchen

Pests are looking for food, that’s why they’re always scurrying and scuttling about. This makes your kitchen its prime target. To keep them off your property, always make sure that your trash cans are closed. They like to worm their way in, so use sealed bins if possible. Always clean any spillages in your kitchen too, even sugar left on the counter is an open invitation for ants. Keep your food storage dry

Turn Damp Areas Dry

If you find mosquitoes, house centipedes, or springtails in your home, then it’s time to look for leaks. These types of parasites like to look for damp areas to breed in. Go over your house and repair any pipes, drains, or faucets that you suspect of leaking. Go over your water-based appliances like washing machine, air conditioner, or even dryer too. A hose could be leaking and the stale water makes it great for insects to breed in. If there’s an area in your house that’s prone to humidity, use a dehumidifier to counteract it.

Vacuum Everyday


Dust is mostly comprised of dead human skin cells, clothing fiber, insect waste, animal dander, and ground-up bits and pieces of everything. Because of this, pests of all kinds like nesting in dusty areas. Dust means it’s also a dry place, which can be the perfect place for ants, cockroaches, or other dry bugs to make their home. To prevent this from happening, make sure to vacuum at least once a day.

Once something falls down and scatters something, make it a point to vacuum the space it fell on. It might sound like it’s too much, but picking up a handheld vacuum cleaner for a quick go-over is a lot better than suddenly finding cockroaches scurrying all over a fallen biscuit.

Hire a Pro to Do it For You

If worse comes to worst, it’s best to hire a pro to get rid of pests for you. Especially if it’s with pests that are particularly difficult to control. Hire pest control services for mosquitoes, rats, or flies; it’s often hard to pinpoint where their nest is coming from. And when you do find their nest, it’s best to leave that to a professional. They have the necessary tools and equipment to handle it, not to mention the skills (and stomach) to dispose of the pests properly. This is an area you should never skimp on: if you can, hire a pro.

Small Frequent Cleaning

If you’re into fitness and dieting, you’ve probably heard of something called “small, frequent feeding”. It basically entails you eating small snacks often so you don’t have major cravings to control your diet and weight. The same goes with your house: to prevent dirt and dust from piling up, clean frequently. It doesn’t have to be intensive cleaning all the time. It can be something relatively simple, such as sweeping the floor or putting things back to where they belong. By doing this, you’re keeping your house clean more often (and for far longer!), removing the need for back-breaking intensive cleaning every few days or so

Cleanliness is ultimately the best way to guarantee that no insects will get to your home. However, we can’t exactly clean every inch and corner of our house. This is where pest-repelling strategies come into play. But always remember that even the most simple cleaning tasks go a long way in maintaining overall tidiness and hygiene. Even small acts of cleaning matter.

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