Getting Your Old Car to Ride Like New

Cars go through more than we give them credit for, just like its owners. People spend a huge chunk of our lives in cars: commuting to work, going back home, travelling out of town, getting stuck in traffic, or when we’re doing simple tasks like going on errands or waiting at the drive-thru.

Our cars get us from point A to B whenever we need it. Despite this, cars often suffer an awful lot of neglect and end up looking a bit shabby.

Turning back time on your car and making it feel brand new again is still possible. True, Skoda’s new vehicle looks fine and worth breaking the bank. Still, there’s no harm in trying some simple tricks and tips to refresh your trusty car.

Deep Clean It

Taking out the trash accumulating inside the car seat does not count as deep cleaning. There are still nooks and crannies in the car that get overlooked and require special attention.

It’s possible to just get a car vacuum and try to reach those tighter spaces like in between car seats, under the car seats, in the cup holders, and similar spots. Going the DIY route will definitely save you some money. However, it would be much better to hire a professional to do these things. Aside from a thorough vacuum, professionals can also deep clean the seat cushions.

Make it Smell Brand New

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Our sense of smell influences the way we perceive something. So if our car doesn’t smell as fresh as it could be, it may affect how we feel while we’re driving in it.

A car’s smell can start to turn musty with age. The enclosed space is prone to moisture which may lead to mold and damage the car interiors.

There are two ways you can combat this issue. First is using a moisture-absorbing packet, just like the ones used in closets for clothes. These can help prevent mold growth in your car. Second is using air fresheners. Take advantage of the variety of air fresheners on the market and pick one that best suits your senses.

Scratch On, Scratch off

It’s inevitable for a car to get scratches over time. These affect the overall appearance of your car and reduce its appeal.

Paying for an appointment at the auto body shop is a sure way to refresh your car exterior. If you don’t want to shell out for a professional job, then a good scratch remover might do the trick.

Scratch removers in the market buff out shallow scratches making them less noticeable. Some can even make the pesky scratches disappear completely.

Clean Your Windows Inside and Outside

Ever notice how your windshield always looks kind of hazy no matter how many times you clean it on the outside? Try cleaning the inside as well.

Invest in a microfiber cloth and a window cleaner to minimize scratches and improve visibility. Using newspaper and some soapy water to wipe your windshield is a great budget-friendly hack for cleaner windows. Some car owners even prefer it over proper cleaning materials.

It’s best to get a professional to revamp your car’s interior and exterior but there are also some simpler and cheaper ways to make your car look and feel brand-new. Prevention is always better than cure, though. Regular upkeep and maintenance, instead of neglecting to care for your car, can make it last longer and look better.

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