Guide to Doing a Mass Clean-Up in Your Home

Doing a mass clean-up is essentially cleaning your whole house but in a short period of time, say, for a whole day only. It is often done before staging a home for an open house or when the mess has gotten completely out of hand. Whatever your goal may be, cleaning your home thoroughly is not an easy task, but you can make it more manageable with these useful tips:

1. Rent a dumpster

Don’t litter your driveway with a dozen garbage bags after your clean-up. If you plan to purge your home of clutter and trash, find a better way to dispose of garbage, like getting a residential dumpster rental in Orem, for example. Not only will this avoid complaints from your neighbors, but having a dumpster to transport all of your junk will make clean-up a breeze.

2. Get extra help

Unless you can clean your whole house by yourself (in a short period of time), you can’t do a thorough clean-up on your own. Thus, find extra pairs of hands to help you, like family members or friends that are willing to sacrifice a weekend to help clean your house. After you complete the job, don’t forget to repay them with a meal, a few beers, or a gift card as thanks.

3. Complete your cleaning arsenal

cleaning supplies

No wise soldier goes into battle without the proper weapons. So, if you’re tackling a big clean-up job such as a whole house, get the right tools and equipment to do it.

4. Make a plan

Before you start cleaning, come up with a game plan that will help you do the job in the easiest and most efficient manner possible. For example, list down tasks that you need to do in each room. You can also make a rough schedule so you can keep everything on track as you work. If you don’t finish the job within your set schedule, look at your to-do list to see what tasks you have left and reschedule them accordingly.

5. Use the three-bin method

Take three large bins and place them in the middle of the room you’re clearing. Label them as ‘Donation,’ ‘Disposal,’ and ‘Sale.’ As you’re cleaning the room, toss unnecessary items in these bins according to what you want to do with them, which can be to donate, throw out, or sell for a profit.

6. Hire professional cleaners

Don’t think you or any amount of friends can do the job by yourself? If so, don’t worry. It may be better to hire professional cleaners that have the right tools and skills to give your house a deep cleaning from your attic down to your basement. Moreover, professional cleaners can do jobs that may be unsafe for you to do, such as cleaning the roof or upstairs windows.

Although doing a mass clean-up is often difficult, especially if you don’t have a lot of hands on deck, there are many ways to approach the job strategically. That’s why if you want to clean your whole house in the most efficient way possible, these tips should be at the top of your head.

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