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Hiring a Cleaner vs. DIY Cleaning: Which Is Better for Busy Homeowners?

Buying your own house is probably the most remarkable sign of your success. Maintaining it is another story. Most of the time, successful people pour all their energy in their jobs or business, compelling them to put their house chores aside. As a result, the look of their dwellings may become the opposite of their flawless job performance.

For those reasons, it seems practical to just hire a professional cleaner. They’re at your service anytime you need them. But if you’re hesitant to trust strangers with your space, then you may face a dilemma trickier than you think.

So let’s round up the reasons it’s still advisable to hire a cleaner, nonetheless, and what you can do to fit cleaning in your schedule should you decide otherwise.

When You Hire a Cleaner

Other than being at your service, professional cleaners or maids also help you maintain certain high-quality flooring materials. Though popular flooring types like vinyl, natural stone, and ceramic are fairly low-maintenance, some more aesthetic types like hardwood may require special care. If such is the flooring in your home, then entrusting its upkeep to a pro is a good decision. It’ll definitely cost your more if you clean it yourself then end up ruining it.

Professional cleaners also provide customized solutions to make your abode fresh. They don’t just rely on generic cleaning products and methods. But if you prefer to be in charge of the products to be used on your space, some cleaning companies allow that as well. You can also give them a cleaning checklist, and they’ll guarantee you that it’ll be followed. They’re also transparent on the methods and products they often use in different spaces.


If you’re concerned about the security of your home, you can always ask a cleaning company whether they conduct background checks on their staff. If you’re going to hire an independent maid, then you should perform a background check yourself. But usually, it’s more preferable to choose a cleaning company that’s insured, so that you can claim coverage if one of your items get broken while your home is being cleaned.

Cleaners can also come to your home while you’re out, so that you’ll come back to a fresh and tidy retreat. Simply leave your keys under a door mat, or grant them access via a lock code. You should feel secure that your home will be safe in a cleaner’s care if you choose a reputable company.

Cleaning Without a Pro

When you have a family that can take care of the house chores, that could be enough reason to forego hiring a cleaner. Kids that are old enough can start learning how to clean up their mess. Consider establishing a reward system to motivate them.

A good way to teach chores to kids is to let them realize the mess they usually create. For example, if they leave their bags on the floor after coming home from school, resist picking it up. Instead, call out your child, then instruct them to put their bags in its proper place.

And of course, a spouse should be helpful with the chores as well. If they’re just as busy as you are, agree on a system that’ll divide your chores fairly. Include positive messages when you request them to do chores, such as “I want to sit and relax with you longer, but I can’t because there’s just too many chores.” If your spouse is sensitive enough to understand what you’re implying, then they’ll be convinced to help you.

Being more straightforward in your intention to receive help can also be more effective. Just be sure to make chores and cleaning a good experience as possible. Once your family gets used to a home that’s always neat, they’ll never have to be asked before performing a chore.

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