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Home Building Restriction Codes You Should Be Aware Of

Before you get started in building your dream house, you must consider a lot of things. Among those is understanding the building codes and regulations in your area. This should be common knowledge to everyone. However, many are still unaware of what this could mean. That’s why they end up skipping this step.

While that’s the case for most people, it should not be the case. To give you an overview of what this is all about, here are the basic things you need to know:

Securing a Building Permit

Before the construction, it’s important that you get a building permit. This is usually secured by your general building contractor in Park City or wherever your site is. They will handle the job since they’re more familiar with the process. Because they used to work with projects like yours, it will be easy to handle these things. They can determine the specifications needed during the construction.

But if you don’t have a contractor, you can still secure your own permit. It’s just a matter of understanding the extent and limitations of the project.

Opting Not to Have It

There are repercussions for not having the permit. Aside from getting a penalty, you might need to tear down everything. This may force you to redo everything from the start. If you apply for a permit during the construction, you may need to pay double or thrice the fee. So, it’s best to have it right before you start constructing anything. If you look into it, skipping this step may end badly.

Building the Basement

Egress windows in the basement are important. This is true if you’re planning on turning this space into a sleeping room. Each state has required width and length, so it’s better to check with your city and state regulation. If, in any case, you have no plans yet, it’s better to have it built early on. This way, you can simply finish the basement if you have a change of heart. But just to be sure, it’s best to ask your contractor regarding this matter.

The Fence Requirements

Oftentimes, fence installation becomes the major cause of disputes among neighbors. Many homeowners tend to build a fence that is taller or goes way beyond what is required. People would often complain a lot about this. That’s why if ever you plan on having one, you must fully understand the fence limit and building code in your area. Otherwise, you may end up taking it down.

Whether you’re going for new home construction or renovation, it’s a must to know the local building code. This will guide you as you get on with the project. For this, it’s always better to have someone who’s knowledgeable on this matter. Working with a contractor is a good way to do it. But if you prefer to do it yourself, make sure you’ve researched enough about it. This is to avoid any problems that may go in your way. May these things help you in understanding the importance of building codes to your construction project.

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