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Home Features Real Estate Buyers Want in a Property During Covid-19

Even during a pandemic, the real estate market continues to be a thriving industry. Home buyers flock the market. But the problem is, there is a shortage of properties for sale. If you are thinking about selling your property, this can be a great time to put your home for sale. But simply putting your home in the market won’t guarantee a quick sale or a desirable price.

Buyers are still picky when choosing their next investment. They want to make sure the property they are going to buy suits their lifestyle. If your property doesn’t have most of their non-negotiables, you can’t expect them to make the purchase.

Got time and extra cash to improve the property before selling? Knowing what buyers want makes it easier for you to choose which updates you can include in your project. Here are some must-have home features of Covid-19 real estate buyers.

An In-ground Pool

Outdoor amenities are hot and trending during the Covid-19 crisis. People are tired of staying indoors but don’t want the risk associated with traveling or taking their family to public places. They want their next home to enable them to spend more time outside where they can relax, unwind, and ease their boredom.

Among the top outdoor amenities most buyers want is an in-ground pool. Since no one knows when going to waterparks, public pools and beaches will be safe again, buyers want real estate that readily has such amenities. If they can’t buy a property that already has a pool, they make it a point that there is enough space in the yard to build one.

Some buyers are going the extra mile by hiring a swimming pool contractor to custom-build a pool for their yard. They want the most value for their investment and want a durable but eye-catching pool plus the spa experience. For others who are on a low budget or can’t obtain a permit to build, they are opting for above-ground pools.

A Full-sized Laundry Room

Most sellers are surprised to find that a full-size laundry room is one feature many buyers these days want. But a survey from the National Association of Home builders showed that laundry rooms are a number one essential home feature for second-time buyers and the second priority for first-time buyers.

As it turns out, people are tired of dealing with their endless laundry tasks. It is much easier to load dirty clothes into the washer and dryer than to take every single piece of clothing out and fold them one by one. Having a separate laundry room makes it easy to stack all clean laundry in a room other than the guest room.

If you haven’t got a laundry room, some of the most convenient places you can add one too is the garage or your unfinished basement. Some buyers like the laundry area to be near their bedroom. Consider how much cash you are willing to invest since the installation for the latter can easily cost five digits.

A Dedicated Home Office

More people have shifted to remote work. Many more are considering working remotely full-time. This meant a home office or an extra room they can turn into an office is a nice to have room.

With a dedicated home office, remote workers will find it easier to focus on their tasks and be more productive. They will have a place they can use that tells their family that they are not to be disturbed. This can also serve as the kid’s study area since online learning can last longer due to the pandemic.

The interior of a home office and the placement of the room matters. It needs to be in an area of the house where there is less noise, traffic, and distraction. Consider these things when choosing a room you can market as a potential home office.

Energy-efficient Appliances and Features

Modern kitchen in luxury house

Consumers are becoming more concerned about the environment as well as the increasing costs of energy and water. This is the reason why energy-efficient features and appliances are a big hit these days. Who wouldn’t want readily installed appliances that allow them to save money and reduce their impact on the environment?

Focus on things that will make the property more energy-efficient. Invest in appliances that use less water and energy. Upgrading your heating and cooling system is a good place to start. Turn to LED lightbulbs when lighting your home and choose your materials wisely when renovating the house.

Strategic Exterior Lighting

Curb appeal still matters and they want more than just manicured lawns. Home buyers now want their future property to also look great in the evening with the help of exterior lighting. But this does more than add aesthetic beauty to the property.

Outdoor lighting also serves as an extra layer of protection to a property. Well-lit homes are generally considered a lot safer. Consider a combination of pendant lights, spotlights, sensor lights, solar lights, and walkway lights in your options.

Nowadays, buyers want their next investment to be convenient, environment-friendly, fun, and remote work-ready. If you want your real estate to be more desirable to buyers, these are some features worth investing in. Workout your budget before diving in to get the most out of your project.

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