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Home Improvement: Garage Upgrades to Increase Market Value

Most people think that the garage is just a place to store your car. Others, especially those who are quite knowledgeable in automotive, see it as a place for DIY repairs and upgrades. However, what if we told you that your garage could actually be something more?

Upgrading your garage can significantly increase your home’s market value and become a selling point, especially if your potential buyer is also a car enthusiast. Even if you’re not planning on selling your home anytime soon, garage upgrades can benefit your projects and maximize your experience when using them.

Garage Upgrades

There are virtually countless things you can do to upgrade your garage. Some people turn it into a project room, while others make it more livable. However, we like to keep it the way it is; a garage for your car-related concerns. That being said, here are some upgrades in pursuit of that.

Garage Door

You probably need to let go of that wooden door that takes quite a lot of energy to swing open. That wouldn’t help you sell your home. Not only that, but when you’re carrying heavy tools with both hands, it can be quite frustrating having to open the garage door with your body. One way to get rid of your garage’s negative parts is to install a door that opens automatically. If that seems quite expensive for you, at least replace it with one that’s made with lightweight material like aluminum.

Asphalt Pavement

Your garage is not just the room itself but also the driveway leading up to it. You’re not Batman. You don’t need the disguise of a shabby entrance that leads to your main workspace area in the garage. Asphalt pavement installation is one of the best ways to improve this. Not only will you have a better-looking garage that complements your home, but it will also provide greater traction with your car’s tires. Not to mention the increase in your home’s market value and the higher possibility of reselling it.

Proper Insulation

Some people live in places where the climate is frigid, while others are in scorching areas. The former makes it harder for your car to start, especially in the morning, because of a cold engine, while the latter makes it more difficult for you to conduct repairs on your car as extreme heat can be quite uncomfortable. That’s why providing proper insulation and vents is essential in any garage.

You also need to make sure that the garage door is properly insulated to keep the cold and draft from getting inside. The door leading to your home should also have insulation at the bottom to prevent carbon monoxide from getting inside your house since large amounts of this can be toxic.

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Smart Storage

It’s quite common and customary for us to use the garage as a storage space for our cars and other out-of-season items. However, when you have loads of stuff in your garage like an inflatable pool, baseball equipment, and many others, it would give off a negative vibe to potential buyers. Make sure that your garage has shelves for these items that are not car-related. Investing in heavy-duty plastic bins can also be quite beneficial as it would significantly reduce the visual clutter inside.


Sometimes, we need to go to the garage late at night for certain tasks, and that’s why adequate lighting is necessary. Lights turned on via switches are a thing of the past. Buyers go crazy over houses that are modern and equipped with smart technology. Motion-sensitive lights or lights that turn on when you clap should help try to make a sale.

Additional Electrical Outlets

Aside from handheld tools, car-related tasks often require power tools as well, and we all know that they require electricity to function. While having an extension cable might work for you, keep in mind that power tools demand high amounts of electricity, and an extension cable might sometimes overheat because of this. Installing additional electrical outlets in your garage might save you not just from the frustration of having to look for one but also from potential dangers caused by overheating electrical cable.

Easy-to-Clean Finish

Car repairs are a dirty job, literally. It’s extremely harder to make a sale when the floor of your garage is difficult to clean because of oil stains and other stuff. Ensure that you cover it with a layer of epoxy to clean the area with gentle scrubbing and water.

Your garage is an essential part of your home, and if your potential buyer is a car enthusiast, they would definitely pay close attention to your garage’s appearance and maintenance. Make sure that you increase your sales by upgrading your garage.

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