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Home Security: Making Your Garage Safe from Thieves

We secure our houses to protect our valuables, and sometimes we don’t mind the other parts of the property too much. But what you may not often think about is the fact that your garage also has something valuable in it — your vehicle. That is one of the crucial reasons why you should also invest in its security. Keep it and the rest of your house safe from burglars in the following ways.

Secure Your Door

It doesn’t matter if you have one of the best garage doors available in Boise, you’ll still be at a considerable risk of stolen from if you leave it open. The simple act of closing the door can already make it a lot harder for a burglar to get in. It’s even more so when you make sure to lock it every time you do. For extra security, be sure to also secure the emergency release, which can easily be picked at like a lock with a key otherwise.

Keep the Remote With You

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is leaving the remote to the garage inside your car. It will even be a bigger mistake when you leave your car outside and the remote is there and easily seen. Keep your garage door secure by making a habit of taking the opener with you. You don’t leave the keys to the car or the house inside the car. So why should you do it to the “key” to the garage? If you need to, buy a key chain that can hold it, and then attach it to your person.

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Lock Entry to the House

Even if you have secured your garage door, you still need to be ready for the possibility of a burglar entering your garage. In preparation, you have to make sure that the door to the house is challenging to open. Along with locking the garage door whenever you close it, you should also close and lock this one whenever there’s no one in the garage. If you can, fit it with a deadbolt that can only be locked and opened inside the house.

Consider Security Cameras

While the doors are your focus when it comes to garage security, you may also consider putting in cameras. Burglars usually go after unattended houses, and you can make them doubt when you have something that’s monitoring them. The ones with motion-sensing are especially effective, as it gives the impression that they’re being watched in real time, making them less likely to break in. Even if they did get in, at least you would have evidence of what they’ve done.

When you’re setting up your home security, you should cover all the areas that you can. That includes the garage if you have one. After all, some valuables can be found inside. It is also another point of entry into the house itself. The garage is still part of your home, so you should put some effort into making it safe.

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