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How Can Homeowners Determine the Quality of Security Screen Doors?

The best way to know the quality of a security screen door requires you to see if it passed industry standards such as the Australian Standard AS5039-2008 and AS5040.

Don’t be swayed with many products that are advertised as security doors. A lot of these doors can only prevent bugs and insects from entering your home. If you need to install a screen door with cavity sliding door systems, make sure they come from a reputable manufacturer. A high-quality security screen door’s frame can be made of aluminum or steel.

Steel or Aluminium: Which Is Better?

Choose a steel security door when you want to protect your house against burglaries. On the other hand, aluminum doors are more resistant to corrosion than steel. Install an aluminum screen door when you want to let natural light inside while keeping flying critters away from the house.

You should also place sturdy locks for added protection. The cost varies depending on your choice, but it’s better to spend on a five-pin cylinder lock than wafer locks because of the former’s better durability. Burglars can also have a harder time getting inside if you install three-point locks. Three bolts secure the keyhole side, bottom, and top of the security door.

The cost of installation for security doors depends on the type and size, although you should expect to spend around $145 for low-quality models. More expensive ones can cost up to $720. If you plan to add smart locks, you should be ready to add an extra $500 to your budget.

Cost of Security Doors

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Aluminum doors that meet the AS5039-2008 and AS5040 standards cost at least $450. You can buy one for as low as $250 when you need to keep insects from flying inside. Cheap steel security doors cost the same as the basic aluminum door. A high-quality steel door’s purchase price can start at $650. Don’t forget to account for the cost of labor.

Most contractors can charge from $40 to $80 per hour to install security doors. You can likely save on labor fees when you include door installation as part of a home-remodeling project. Those who plan to hire a general contractor should consider hiring a member of the Australian Security Industry Association Limited or the National Security Screen Association. Companies with industry affiliations are more likely to follow building standards.

Many homeowners switch to bifold doors despite the higher upfront cost. A bifold door allows you to connect an interior space with the outdoors, such as a living room that extends to the deck or patio when you open the door. Cavity-sliding doors are a cheaper alternative if you can’t afford bifold doors, which can cost $1,000 per panel for wooden styles.

In the end, remember that security doors that meet quality standards offer better protection against theft and burglaries. You can consult a home security expert to know more about the quality of a screen security door. How much are you willing to spend on installing one?

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