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How Can You Tell If Your Car Is Being Tracked?

A GPS tracker is a device used to determine a location from the signals it receives from satellites. Basically, it is designed to monitor vehicles or individuals for legitimate purposes, making it legal. Here are a few more uses of it today:

Safety. In case your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, your family can determine your location and help you take your car to the nearest auto service center.

Theft recovery. When your car gets stolen, GPS instantly notifies you with the mapping information included, allowing the authorities to locate it fast.

Increased productivity. Through a GPS tracker, employers can track the company car, enabling them to monitor the driver’s whereabouts and if it’s being used for business purposes.

Lower fuel cost. The tracking software displays vehicle fuel consumption, helping you to manage your gas expenses.

In contrast, one can also use it to spy on others for personal gain. So if you suspect that there’s a hidden tracker installed on your car, here’s how to confirm:

1. Check the car parts


  • Undercarriage

Put a mat underneath your car and slide in. Using the flashlight, check for any suspicious device such as a small box, taped object, and mini antenna. Basically, anything that doesn’t look like part of your car. It’s best to bring the car manual with you for reference.

  • Wheel

This makes an excellent spot for hiding a GPS tracker, particularly the plastic cover. If it’s slightly bent, there’s a possibility that there’s a secret GPS on it.

  • Front and rear bumpers

This may not have enough space to hide a GPS tracker, but anyone can easily slip one under it.

  • Hood and roof

Tangled wires leading to the car battery can also be an indication of a hidden tracking device. Trace the area carefully with a flashlight. The car roof may hide the device in plain sight, making it the least ideal spot, but that can be untrue for tall cars such as SUVs and Land Rovers. So you may want to take it into consideration.

  • Bonnet

The hot temperature under the bonnet can be a drawback for hiding a GPS tracker there, but it can be a perfect place for installing one with the right strategy. Check the radiator, air ducts, and strut bar.


  • Data port

The port under the driver’s seat can be compatible with small tracking devices, allowing anyone to plug it in directly. If there’s any box attached to it, pull it out right away.

  • Trunk

A GPS device could also be very well hidden inside the trunk, so don’t miss it. Search inside the spare tire or the small spaces.

  • Dashboard

With modern car designs, disassembling the compartment below the steering wheel becomes easier, allowing you to check underneath the dashboard. If there’s a wire taped on it, you can easily spot and remove it.

  • Seat

Don’t skip the seat as well. Anyone can place a tracking device under it. Check both sides. If need be, detach the removable parts so that you can inspect thoroughly. Look for something bizarre on the backseat, as well as the driver and passenger seat.

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2. Use a bug sweeper detector

This is a device designed to locate electronic or eavesdropping devices. It works by detecting Radio Frequency (RF). Turning off your cell phone, microwave, or anything that uses RF is recommended to avoid false alarm if you plan to sweep for bugs.

Just bust it out all over your car. If it blinks and makes a sound, it means that there is a bug present. One can also use it to detect hidden cameras and wiretapping devices at home or in the workplace.

Basically, it can uncover potential threats, which may lead to data theft or disclosure of sensitive information. Thus, providing an extra layer of protection for you and your family. The only drawback is it can be costly.

3. Ask the help of a professional

In case you have found nothing suspicious inside your car. However, if you are still in doubt, you may get in touch with professionals, particularly car mechanics who have experience detecting tracking devices. They can do a thorough inspection in your car or install an alarm if someone attempts to attach a GPS tracker on it. Just look for a reputable and authorized service center near you.

Indeed, a hidden GPS tracking device in your vehicle may lead to identity theft and privacy issues. If need be, seek the help of a professional to ensure your welfare and safety at all times.

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