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How Much Do Plumbing Replacements Cost in Utah?

If you have been thinking about hiring a plumber in Utah for certain replacements, be ready to spend around $1,042 on average. Most people could spend between $140 and $4,200 based on certain factors.

For instance, the scope of necessary work will determine the actual cost of plumbing replacements. Those who need new pipes or new plumbing fixtures should expect to spend at least $1,500, while major projects could balloon up to $15,000. Another factor involves the kind of materials to be used for the project. Homeowners could save up 40% when they use PEX or CPVC instead of standard copper, but ask your contractor if this is the right choice.

Choosing Plumbing Materials

Once it is clear that PEX is the better choice, this could save you up to $5,000 in costs for replacing pipes compared to the use of standard copper pipes. Aside from being cost-efficient, some of the other benefits of using PEX piping include good heat retention and resistance to corrosion. However, you should make sure that the new plumbing would be inaccessible for mice and rats. There is a small chance that pests can gnaw through these pipes.

In case you choose CPVC, the main advantage of this pipe product has been its stronger resistance to corrosion than PEX. Be sure that the plumber installs it correctly. Otherwise, poor installation may cause pipes to leak or burst.

Cost of Materials

CPVC and PEX cost around the same in terms of price per linear foot, amounting between $0.5 and $2. Cost of labor will vary based on the number of hours and your location. A plumber may charge a flat rate despite not completing a full hour’s work, so you should take into account when estimating your budget.

Homeowners who prefer to use copper piping should be ready to spend between $2 and $8 per linear foot, excluding the cost of labor. The price is a worthwhile investment when you consider copper’s benefits such as bacteria resistance and eco-friendliness. Another thing to consider is the schedule of your plumbing appointment, which will easily increase the cost of labor if it falls outside of working hours.

When to Call an Emergency Plumber

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Unless there is an imminent risk of your home being flooded, there are plumbing problems that should not lead you to make a quick phone call to a 24-hour plumber. Some of these issues involve leaks into the toilet bowl and a leaky faucet.

If you can avoid it, do not use the affected area until working hours resume for plumbers. As an example, wait for Monday morning when you notice the problem on a Friday night.

When choosing a contractor for your next plumbing project, you should shop around for different rates from at least three service providers before hiring them. It also helps if you choose a company that specializes in a wide array of plumbing work such as repairing water damage and having 24/7 service. How much are you willing to spend on plumbing replacements?

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