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How to Continue Business Operations While the Office is Undergoing Repairs

Whether regular maintenance works or major repairs are needed by your office building, nothing disrupts business operations more than having to relocate or listen to construction workers banging steel all day long. However, this is a reality for many businesses that have to deal with maintenance and repair works even during office hours.

Can you imagine talking to a client through the noise of industrial concrete repair works? How about holding a brainstorming session while workers are drilling in concrete floors a room above you? No one can blame you if you suddenly burst into a rant because you can’t take the noise and movements happening around you.

If you’re about to undergo some repair works in your office building, think first of solutions that can help the flow of business operations continue.

Move to a Temporary Office Space

The wisest thing to do when you plan to have areas of the office repaired is to move your operations to a temporary office. Maybe you can rent a space in the building beside you? Just think about how construction work is going to affect your employees. They’ll likely be unproductive because of the noise from the work being done in the office. Also, nothing triggers a migraine more than having to listen to construction workers drilling and hammering on concrete, wood, steel, and metal.

Consider Coworking Spaces

How about coworking spaces? This revolutionized the way people work flexibly. You can rent a coworking space for your employees while your office building is being repaired. There are a lot of great coworking spaces that do not cost an arm and a leg. This might even be good for your employees because they could expand their network by meeting new people in these coworking spaces.

Install Soundproofing Materials

Even before the construction work begins, plan on how to continue the business operations in the same building uninterrupted. If you cannot afford to rent a temporary office space or there are equipment and files you cannot move outside the current office, you have to think of a way to minimize the noise coming from the construction work. A perfect solution would be to soundproof a small area where you can stay while the rest of the building is being remodeled. Install soundproofing panels on the walls so that the noise will be minimized and your employees can work in peace.

Let Your Employees Work from Home

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Here’s another idea that makes great sense: Let your employees work from their own homes. A vast majority of Americans, especially millennials, are choosing jobs that allow them to work at their own pace and from wherever they feel most comfortable. This work arrangement has proven to be beneficial both for the business owner and the workers. Not only would this save on expenses since you don’t have to rent a temporary office, but it would also make your employees more productive. Studies have also shown a boost in the workers’ well-being when their jobs allow them to work from their homes.

Even during major construction work, business operations must continue. However, you should avoid prioritizing only what’s best for the company expense-wise, but you should also consider the well-being and productivity of your workers. Allow your workers to make suggestions, too, on what kind of setup would make them comfortable and efficient.

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