How to Make a Patio Cover

A c Ustom patio is a great option for expanding your living and entertaining space if you live in a warm climate. Patio covers can be straightforward structures or more elaborate, highly stylized custom designs. Depending on the space in your side or backyard, the custom patio can take up much of your total space.
Many locations have restrictions on the location of patio covers, particularly affecting whether the patio cover can be attached to the home.

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Generally, it is better not to attach the cover to the house to avoid maintenance issues and allow the house to be more easily repainted or resided in the future. You need to consider these restrictions during the design phase.
Once you are ready to begin work, the site preparation starts with clearing the area to bare dirt and bringing in fill and stone as needed. Next comes drilling holes for the posts that are placed in sleeves to prevent rot. From that point, the concrete gets laid, often in a color that matches surrounding materials and with patterns stamped into the concrete. The roof, electrical, walls and other elements of the patio cover get installed one after another. As with all design elements, architects and designers can create many features, functions, and looks using various materials that are appealing and highly functional.

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