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How You Can Protect Yourself Against Car Accidents

According to data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. has one of the worst crash death rates among high-income countries. Every day, approximately 90 people lose their lives because of vehicular crashes. Whether you just got your driver’s license or you’re a veteran on the road, here are three ways you can protect yourself:

Hire the Right Lawyer

One of the most complicated parts of car accidents is the legal repercussions. You have to deal with the insurance company, the other party, and the authorities. This is why you have to hire a personal injury attorney. They can make sure that you get the right compensation you deserve and deal with insurance companies for you.

When hiring a lawyer, you should consider a few factors. One is their specialization. Like doctors and scientists, attorneys each have their own expertise. Some are adept at divorces and family law, while others are great at corporate cases. Make sure that your lawyer is experienced with cases like yours. Another important factor is their history. Are they a new firm? How is their track record? Ask your friends and family for referrals to be safe.

Maintain Your Car

You can avoid road accidents by making sure that your car is in top shape. To do so, you must do regular washes, checkups, and replacements. Consult your manual to see the recommended time when to do oil changes and which cleaning products to use. You don’t even have to have a physical copy of your manual. You can simply do an online search for your car’s VIN and manufacturer to find it.

Car maintenance is especially important during winter. According to the Federal Highway Administration, a large percentage of accidents occur on snowy pavements or during snowfall. You can improve your safety by frequently checking your tire pressure. The low temperature causes it to deflate more than normal. To improve the visibility while driving during snowfall, you can refill your windshield washer reservoir.

If you’re buying your first car or replacing your old one, check its safety features. Cameras and sensors can help you avoid accidents and improve your driving experience.

Plan Ahead

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One of the leading causes of car crashes is drunk driving. You can make sure that the roads are safe for yourself and others by trying out different tips. One way is to make sure of ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft. You may have to pay extra for parking overnight, but you also avoid potential costly car repairs and medical bills.

Another way is to assign a designated driver. If you’re going out with your friends or your siblings, pick one who will stay sober to drive you home. You can also invite people over instead of going to a bar. You can save a lot of money by drinking beer and wine at home instead of buying pricey drinks at a club. Plus, people can sleep over instead of driving home.

Road safety should always be taken seriously. It can affect not only yourself but also others on the road. In addition, most accidents are unavoidable. You can save a life or two by simply following the rules.

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