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I Saw the Sign: Types of Signage for Retail Businesses

If you want to outsmart and outmaneuver the competition, every slight advantage counts. That’s why in the retail space, businesses are making use of any and every marketing tactic possible, signs included. Effective signage acts as a silent, invisible salesperson working on getting people to notice your brand. Here are some types of signage that have proven effective for many retail companies:

Outdoor Signage

This is probably the most common type of signage among retailers, but that is the case for good reason. The effectiveness of an outdoor sign comes from the fact that it is, in most cases, the first thing that a passerby or would-be customer sees. In other words, it is the signage responsible for convincing customers to enter your store, which is where your relationship with a potential customer begins.

Exterior signage has to do more than state your brand name and showcase your logo. Its purpose is to draw the attention of customers and persuade them to check out what’s on offer. Signs of this form could be placed on the sidewalk, the windows, or at the entrance.

Roll-up Banners

One of the most useful types of signage is the roll-up banner. What’s excellent about this is that the initial investment is minimal while providing flexibility in terms of what you want to use the sign for. You can place these practically anywhere within or outside your shop, and they would remain effective.

Additionally, if the sign will need updating, you only need to contact a large-format banner-printing company and have new signs ready for these banners again, extending its service life and providing you better value for money than most other signs. In terms of use, roll-up banners can contain pretty much any information, but these prove effective in announcing promotions and special offers.


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If your shop is at a location where there isn’t enough light, going for illuminates makes a lot of sense. These signs draw attention by being extra visible to passersby. Design-wise, an illuminated sign can convey contrast in color and shape very well, giving your brand an extra touch of sophistication and class. Illuminates are also perfect for businesses that operate at night.

Informational Signage

Who says that signage is only meant for selling? Beyond increasing sales, signs can also be informative and helpful for your customers. Directional, wayfinding, and organizational signage are things that you can put up in your store to achieve this purpose. These are pretty self-explanatory, as all these signs tell a customer what to do or where to go. With an easy-to-understand message, you can enrich your customers’ shopping experience while providing a sense of order and structure to your retail space.

Overall, signage is an inevitable part and parcel of a brand’s marketing efforts, especially if that business is trying to win in the retail space. These are only a few types that can work and provide you the slight advantage necessary to edge out your competitors. Use them effectively, and success will follow.

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