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Increasing Productivity in a Construction Company

The construction industry slowed down when the pandemic started as construction companies had to shut down project sites to prevent the spread of the virus. The disruption in the global supply chain also caused delays in the delivery of materials, as many companies rely on supplies coming from other countries.

Despite this initial setback, the industry started to recover and followed recommendations from the authorities concerning the health and safety of the workers. Since the guidelines recommended limiting the number of workers per shift, construction companies need to increase productivity at the project site. Here are some ways for these companies to improve productivity.

Optimize the Workflow

The first thing that construction companies should do is to optimize their workflow. They should check the workflow and look for ways to improve it. While it can be time-consuming, it can help the workers to focus on their tasks and accomplish more in any given period.

Optimizing the workflow also ensures the proper use of company resources. It can reduce downtime in the project site when workers wait for others to finish their tasks. Instead of waiting, they can work on other tasks at the site.

Additionally, an optimized workflow allows project managers to know the task of each worker at any given time. It also helps them reassign workers to other tasks that need additional manpower to accomplish.

Train the Workers

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Worker training is essential for any company to improve its productivity. This is particularly true for workers who are not familiar with any new technology that the company uses to enhance their work. It’s always a good idea for construction companies to train their workers to increase the pace of completing a task.

When workers go through training, they will have more confidence and are better motivated to perform their tasks. Regular training also allows workers to deal with issues that they face at the project site. It also prevents accidents that can cause the project to stop and delay its completion.

Enhance Company Culture

Enhancing the company culture can help motivate workers, especially in the construction industry. To enhance company culture, the company should focus on its goals and create values that contribute to reaching them. Even as it is challenging to instill the right culture in everyone, companies can highlight the importance of achieving their goals and meeting deadlines.

Hiring a foreign worker can also set a good example for local workers since foreign workers tend to work hard to send money to their families back home. When companies find suitable workers, they should help them get an employment-based visa. Getting a visa increases the motivation of these workers, and they will likely focus on the company’s goals.

It allows the worker to fast-track his application for an employment-based green card. This is similar to a CSCS green card of the United Kingdom, which allows the employee to show the skills they need to work for a UK-based company. Applying for a green card also allows the authorities to evaluate the worker’s skills. It also allows the company to know if the foreign worker can contribute to the company’s success.

Monitor Inventory Levels

Even if the workers have all the skills and training, their productivity will depend on the construction materials they need for the project. When the pandemic started, it caused issues with the supply chain. These issues emerged since around 30 percent of building materials come from China, where the virus was initially detected.

After the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic on March 11, 2020, China’s manufacturing sector slowed down. This slowdown caused delays in construction projects as it affected the export of building materials to different countries worldwide.

Construction companies had to look for other suppliers for the materials they needed for their projects. Many of them found domestic suppliers, but the price of the materials was higher, which increased the cost of the project.

To avoid this situation in the future, construction companies should monitor their inventory of construction materials and ensure they have enough to finish their projects. They should also have secondary suppliers that offer similar prices to their primary suppliers to prevent an increase in project costs if their primary supplier cannot deliver. Ensuring a suitable supply of materials can ensure the workers’ productivity and allow the timely completion of the project.

Ensuring workers’ productivity during the pandemic allows construction companies to work within the guidelines set by the authorities and complete their projects on time.

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