Independent Living: Home Maintenance Tasks You Can Do on Your Own

The ability to perform simple home maintenance tasks is a skill that more adults should gain. You can reap many benefits from knowing how to take care of your own space. You save money by doing things by yourself and you will be able to say that you are truly independent.

While there are some tasks that require a level of expertise, there are projects that you can undertake:

Minimal Wall Damage

wall repairYour wall protects you from the environmental elements outside. That said, your walls will sustain some form of damage one way or another. Whether it is a chipped paint weathered by the passage of time or a crack caused by the constant chaos both inside and outside your home, you should be able to fix them on your own.

To get a hole in your wall patched, you can easily buy plasterboarding tools online and search for tutorials on YouTube. Repainting to refreshen the color of your wall or to give your home a makeover is also fairly easy and quick to do.

More importantly, you should be able to regularly check for and identify any damage before it becomes a bigger problem.

Declogging a Sink Pipe

When the water in the sink does not drain, it can be tempting to just call a plumber and let them pull out the ball of hair or the chunks of food that may have accumulated in your pipes. However, unclogging your sink is something you can do with your two hands.

There are several remedies that you can first try in order to melt or flush out whatever is causing the water to back up. A popular solution involves pouring baking soda into the drain followed by white or apple cider vinegar. This will cause fizzing and hopefully will dissolve the blockage.

You can also pull out the solid object stuck in the drain with a plunger, an item that every home should have, or even just a coat hanger. It also will be useful to learn and understand how to repair and replace your sink and pipes.

If everything you have tried does not work, that is when you call the plumber. 0

Peel-and-Stick Floor

There is an easy way to cover up your floor if you want to give your room a makeover. You can get peel-and-stick flooring for an affordable and temporary fix. They come in a variety of designs to go with the look you are going for.

Peel-and-Stick Wall

Similar peel-and-stick panels can be purchased in different styles and patterns. You do not need to use a nail and a hammer to do this; just peel the backing and then stick it onto your wall.

Repairing Caulk

Your home’s caulking reduces your heating and air conditioning bills. It keeps your home warm in the winter months and cool during the summer months by regulating the flow of air into and out of your house.

That is why it is necessary for a homeowner to know how to inspect and apply the caulk. All you need is the right kind of caulk (vinyl latex inside and butyl rubber outside), a caulking gun, and some tape to perform the task.

There are more home maintenance projects that you can do on your own. However, before you get to work, you should assess if there is any risk of injuries involved. If there is,  it is best to let the professionals do their jobs.

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