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Informative Guide For New U.S. Immigrants

Moving to the United States can be challenging. Even for locals moving around their country, it can be difficult to know a new city, much less for an immigrant learning an entire new culture that’s going to be their home for the longest time. While there are lots of things to learn, there are lots of things you can do to live like a local.

Keep these in mind when immigrating to the U.S.:

Four Quick Tips For New U.S. Immigrants


1. Legal Reminders

It’s important for immigrants to always be informed of the law in the U.S. to avoid causing any trouble. Here are some things to remember especially in the first months of your stay:

  • Immigration Laws

Always be informed about immigration laws as there might be changes that can affect your green card or visa. The last thing you want is to be detained and needing bail bonds for immigration. Remember to always be on the right side of the law and keep yourself informed of the grounds for deportation.

  • Always Keep Records

Keep any contract, agreement, or immigration documents organized. Make sure that you properly keep them to make it easier for you to find. In case you become involved in a lawsuit, you’ll be prepared and have everything documented.

  • Don’t Just Sign Papers

Always talk to a trusted family member or friend before signing any papers. Signing documents without fully understanding the terms or without any validation can be a big mistake and can lead you to further troubles.

2. Learn the Language and Culture

Your life will be easier in the United States if you learn English as soon as you can. It’ll be easier to meet people, apply for jobs and navigate around. While it’s important to keep close to your native language, it’ll be better if you learn and understand English.

  • Explore Around

You may feel overwhelmed at first especially when it’s the first time in an entirely new place. But it’s important that you go out, explore new places and meet new people. It can be difficult and uncomfortable, but the results are worth it.

  • Be Curious and Talk to People

It’s okay to ask questions and show Americans that you’re interested in learning their culture. Everybody loves to talk about their culture and if you need help in looking for directions or asking about a menu, they’ll be happy to assist you.

  • Immerse Yourself in The Culture

Be updated in the news, attend local events and make friends to further immerse yourself in American culture. Try their food and take part in their customs and traditions. Don’t be shy and you’ll soon realize that it’s easy and fun to embrace a whole new culture.

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 3. Getting Through College

Make sure to get housing that’s near to your school. Most immigrant students say that it makes them more comfortable and productive when they’re near the school compared to daily subway commutes.

Set clear goals on the things you want to accomplish. Applying in a particular program is a big decision so you need to have concrete reasons and be clear with yourself on the things you want to do. Creating a doable timeline will help, and remember that time is really important on things like this.

 4. Job Search Advice

When looking for a job in the U.S., specialization is important. It is essential to be an expert in one particular field rather than taking projects here and there. Speak up for yourself and promote your skills by letting people see that you know what you’re doing, and how it will benefit the company you’re applying to.

Networking is also essential. Introduce yourself to certain people in the field you’re interested in and show your resume. In America, it’s common to search jobs through people – and not through job ads. You can join networking sites for job openings and be referred for positions. Getting certifications and licenses also help to make you a more competitive candidate.

Also, make sure to find diverse workplace cultures so you won’t get bosses who expect some workers to work longer than usual. You have the freedom to find an environment that makes you feel comfortable, and with people who respect your rights.

Living in an entire new environment that’s different from your own can be overwhelming. However, learning to live with new people and studying new customs is a great way for you to be a well-cultured individual. Remember that although you’re staying for good in the United States, don’t forget your roots. Embrace this new culture that will help improve the person that you already are.

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