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Key Considerations When Buying House & Land Packages

One of the best ways of owning a home without using the long route of first getting a block is buying a house and land package. That gives you the chance to own both the home and block at the same time. When selecting the package that suits you best from a reputable firm dealing in real estate near Burnside, there are a few things that you would need to consider. These are:


The house and land should be at a place that is convenient for you. That should be regarding closeness to your workplace and to other utilities that you deem necessary to you and your family. If you got children, know how schools around the area perform. Find out about the available public means of transport and confirm that there are shops malls around. Another important thing would be the trend of property in the area. That will help you get home in a place where real estate value is increasing, in case you will plan to resell the property.


After you identify the land of your choice, be sure that you will afford not only the land but also the home that you will need to build. Ensure that the builder provides you with a detailed quotation to avoid incurring other extra expenses that they had not included in the quote. A good builder should give you a clear and comprehensive breakdown of all the materials that they will require and their costs. They should include everything that they will need from foundation to finish.


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The builder should be in a position to give an approximate timeline of how long the construction could take. When buying the joint package, you will be eager to have the construction complete without unnecessary delays. Let the builder put every instruction in writing for legal reference.

Experience & Reputation

A considerable number of builders available can make the selection of a good one difficult. It will be necessary to take your time before settling for a particular builder. If asking around for referrals will not help much, you can do an online search. Here you will find testimonials and reviews that will help you to narrow down your search to one.


You definitely must have had a particular design in mind, probably for many years, of how you would want your home to look. The builder should be able to realise your dream home and advice on what is possible and what may not be possible. You should know whether because it is not practically possible or if other limitations are hindering such type of construction. Either way, the builder should give you all the necessary advice.


When shopping for house and land packages, ensure that the developer considers and implements all the above requirements. That is the only way you can get value for your money with little or no regret. Ignoring the requirements can land you in the real estate in Burnside, make you spend more and put you in a home that you dislike.

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