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Learn How to Achieve a Green Office Design

Many offices and companies nowadays are more aware of how fragile our environment is. This is why many of them are taking the time to redesign their office space and buildings to become more eco-friendly. This can range from small changes to full-fledged redesigns that change the face of the office. If you are planning a redesign or are currently setting up your own office, here are some very useful design tips that you can consider:

Adding Some Green Spaces

One of the best ways to show your office’s green commitment is to add some green spaces. The simplest way to do this is by working with commercial landscaping services in Miramar and other nearby areas to work on the area around your office. Don’t only have a lawn of green. Try to add trees and larger plants to the mix. Trees are the most effective since they provide shade and temperature control around your office building. The added greenery can also be very relaxing for your employees.

But if you don’t have space around your building, you can add some greenery on your roof. Having a green roof has become very popular among companies. It fills up the roof of the building and can help with better temperature management since the soil and the greenery can absorb heat better. It also provides a small shelter for your employees.

Using Natural Light

Natural light is one of the best light sources for your office. It doesn’t cost you anything and sunlight has health benefits for people. This is why designing an office that uses as much natural light as possible during the day is a great idea. Using large open windows is the first step towards this. The next one is to avoid using large interior walls for most of your office space.

Even if you want some private rooms, you should consider clear glass or frosted glass for partitions. This design also helps with illumination at night since you will need fewer light sources to keep everything lit.

Encourage Smart Waste Management Habits

waste management

Your office probably generates a large amount of waste every day. Trying to cut down on waste generation is a good design move. This is pretty simple. Some changes in your pantry can be a big help. For example, instead of stocking disposable paper cups, you can have a nook that accommodates personal reusable cups for your employees.

You can also avoid adding a vending machine to your pantry. Opt for more natural foods like fruits that are completely biodegradable. Offer them free of charge in your pantry and you can cut down on plastic waste

Keep the Air Flowing

High-volume low-speed fans are becoming popular in offices. Designed to cool down livestock in large pens, these fans use less energy and keep the air flowing throughout a building. Combine them with a standard HVAC system and you won’t have to turn down the thermostat too much.

It sounds surprising to think of an office building in an urban environment as close to nature. But with the changes above, you can make great strides in turning your office into a green building. This can benefit your company greatly since it can improve employee morale and help save more energy.

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