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Make Your Shine with These Additions

Plans for your perfect home are complete—or your home is already built—but your swimming pool is still missing something. Maybe it’s not the size or style—maybe you’re just missing a waterfall or an adjacent hot tub.

Any masonry company in Kansas City, Boulder City, or other U.S. city will help you figure out what you’re missing. But if you’re the type who will contact your contractors with an idea, read on and see what you can add to your pool.


Elegant and just plain impressive, waterfalls are a great addition to your pool. The presence of water can help your mind relax, too, so adding a waterfall to your existing pool has no disadvantage. Your masonry company can add underwater seating ledges to allow you to meditate in the midst a relaxing blue space. They can also add a small rock cave to create a cozy secret spot, or furnish you with multi-level waterfalls for that added pizzazz.


Fountains are not just for single pools or water features. You can add a fountain bubbler in a small space connected to your swimming pool for the amusement of your children and guests. You can also add deck jets directly to the swimming area for a nice-looking, affordable water feature.

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Resistance Jets

Swimming is not only relaxing; it’s also a great cardio workout for all ages. Submersion in water allows older folks to get a full-body exercise like their younger counterparts and they, like other aged people, burn serious calories while doing so. In addition, you can get a great workout without sweating.

Underwater treadmills might not be fit for regular pools, but resistance jets are. Resistance jets help with aquatherapy, rehab goals, and exercise by creating variable currents you can swim against. They are especially of good value for pool owners with not enough space for lap pools.

Water Slides and Hot Tubs

Why not add water slides for kids and kids at heart, hot tubs for adults and adults with kids that are too young for the deep end of the pool.

Water slides don’t have to be the elaborate craziness you see at water parks. They can be as simple as a straight fiberglass slide, one that curves around your hot tub, or if you’re feeling elaborate, a huge twisting one comparable to playgrounds. While the kids play with the slide, you can supervise them from the hot tub next to your pool.

Like pools, there is a variety of hot tub options. They can be in-ground and adjacent, above ground and spa type, overlooking your pool, or a variety that allows you to jump from the tub to the pool.

After installing everything you want, remember to keep it safe. Add a pool fence or install an alarm system and anti-slip materials around the pool area to keep things neat and safe. Don’t forget to inspect drain covers. If you or your child only knows how to doggy paddle, why not take swimming classes together. Turn your pool into a stylish place, but don’t forget safety while you do it.

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